The Material That Keeps Mountaineers Warm Now Keeps Your Water Frigid

Few things are more refreshing than drinking cold water on a hot day. The latest and greatest way Hydrapak is keeping that water extra cool is with PrimaLoft — the same fluffy material that keeps mountaineers from freezing to death in the snow.

PrimaLoft, a synthetic insulation, has become increasingly popular in serious cold weather gear because it's soft, lightweight, water-repellent and a fantastic insulant. And that's precisely why Hydrapak sandwiches the material between the double plastic walls of its woolly mammoth insulated water bottle. Not only does it help keep cold drinks colder for longer, it will also help warm beverages stay toasty, and it can even prevent liquids from freezing altogether when its used in frigid climates. Not bad for a 590mL bottle that will sell for just $US16 when it's available later in the year. [Hydrapak via GearJunkie]

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