The Higgs Boson Simply Explained

So it seems science found "the God particle". But, uh, if you didn't already know what that was, you obviously haven't read anything in-depth about the new boson. No problem. Here's part one of the MinutePhysics rundown. [YouTube]


    *THIS* is *simple* ? really ?

      I think I'll just say, 'thanks grand thanks'., and let him think he is doing something helpful. Simple me a** !

    This guy usually helps put a sharper image on the complicated stuff for me but this time, I'm sorry dude it's still fuzzy to me, so I'll give you a solid and take your word for it...! :)

    yeah......I can't get my head around it yet. Science fascinates me to no end but there is a point where I just hear people talking gobbledeygook. This was one of those times

    So then.. what are sub-atomic particles made of then?

      Strings of energy.
      Look up string theory.

    i want to stab my self in the eyes after watching that

    Those minute physics videos never explain anything .

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