The Future Of Twitter Is To Become Facebook

BuzzFeed FWD dove deep into the undercurrent of change that's going on at Twitter right now and saw a glimpse into its future: Facebook. Yes, what Twitter wants to be in the future is nothing like what it is right now and everything like what Zuck's social network already is.

The director of Twitter's design team told BuzzFeed FWD that "none of Twitter's current apps quite match the vision for where they're going with Twitter". That means all the smartphone apps, all the tablet apps, all the desktop apps, and even the recently revamped web page, don't really show where Twitter wants to go. In fact, Twitter is discouraging developers from recreating that same Twitter experience in different clothing (e.g. Tweetbot) and encouraging them to build apps into Twitter. That turns Twitter the soapbox into Twitter the platform.

Or, in other words, it books the face of Twitter. The change will be gradual, but what you'll likely see is less Twitter apps that recreate Twitter and more things going on that potentially complicate Twitter from its 140-character soul. Read the whole article at BuzzFeed FWD to get a better idea of where Twitter is headed. [BuzzFeed FWD]


    So they'd prefer we not use third party apps to access twitter, but rather use third party apps to add content to twitter? If I didn't use third party apps to access twitter, I wouldn't use it. Why? Because their default interface (website and first party app) are horrible! I still use the old Tweetdeck due to how much their new one sucks.

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