The Broadway Apple Store Opening Looked Like Fun

Did any of you get down to the opening of the Broadway Apple Store this weekend? Apple still manage to inject the same amount of enthusiasm into every single store launch.

What did you think? Were you there?

Thanks to Anastacia for sending in this slick video of the event.


    Ha! I heard they had a technical glitch which affected their payment software WORLDWIDE because of something that happened at Broadway. Yeah, sounds like GREAT fun...

    I don't get it. I really just don't understand. A shop is opening, providing products that aren't new and can all be purchased for the same price at other stores in the same shopping centre, yet people still feel the need to line up and film themselves walking in. I give massive props to Apple for being able to create this culture, but the people tacking onto said culture really just make me shake my head in disbelief.

      Agreed, I could understand if they were launching the Iphone 5 in conjunction with the store opening but this is sad..

      If they were serving free beer on the other hand...

        Apple is I guess such a phenomenon that even opening a store is an event.

        I don't wish to share in the fervour - unless there is the afore mentioned free beer - but one can't help to be impressed at the marketing that drives these events.

      I never understood the hype over a store opening either. If you want an Apple product, you'd have purchased it by now. No-one in their right mind would hold off a purchase until they can personally attend a new store opening and I hope there wasn't anyone on the fence who caved in at this push.

      They were giving out free T-shirts, but I wouldn't be caught dead in one.

    Broadway in Brisbane City Mall ?

      Sadly no. Broadway NSW.

      But there have been rumours about a Brisbane CBD Apple Store opening in the MacArthur building.

        Not rumours, it's true. I've been told that it should be opened by the end of the year unless they are hit with delays again. Then it would be next year.

      Brisbane City Mall is Queen St, not Broadway.

        The mall shooting off Queen St containing David Jones is Broadway bro.

          No, that's Queen's Plaza. Harvey Norman is in Broadway in Brisbane City Mall.

            No, Harvey Norman is in Broadway On The Mall, which is on Queen St Mall.

            (I feel like we're going in circles here ;)

      Yeah to be honest it does confuse me that the only Apple store in Brisbane is way on the North side, as opposed to the CBD

        There's a lot of speculation one is opening soon.

        Robina on the coast strikes me as a bit odd too personally. It's not a quiet location, but I always found Pacific Fair to be more central and busier when I lived there. Maybe Robina had a bit more of the atmosphere or demographic that they were after.

    I couldnt help but lol when the blue shirted mass started streaming out the door in the most goofy way imaginable

    Tangentially, anyone know who invented the high five?

    And could somebody please punch them in the face for me?

      Working on it.
      On the upside, someone ready to high five you means there guard is open ;)

    I don't even see why we need a second apple store within 2 kms of each other. Not to mention Broadway already has stores selling Apple products - this is just a waste of space.

      I'm also sure the NextByte guys in nearby Glebe don't appreciate the opening of a new store right on their doorstep.

      It's one of the best locations for students!
      You've got UTS and USYD right next door. You should see inside the lecture rooms with all glowing apple logos.

    These are the people who like events but haven't the culture of confidence to actually go to a gallery opening or a performance... So I suppose a shop opening is a good substitute?
    If they DO go to gallery openings as well, then... in that case there must be some sort of underlying personality disorder. Keep the kids and pets well away from them.

    Far out. That was one of the most cringe worthy bits of footage I have ever seen. People acting like they had just won the lottery (thats just the staff), and the customers.. oh man. Was there a limited edition Apple sticker in that pristine white box?

    Has anyone else realised that the last few store openings as been pretty much at the door stop of an existing apple dealer? Castle Hill. Bondi, Broadway, Chatswood. Way to go slapping all your past support when you really needed it. I think apple's team must be quite lazy in identifying new opportunities.

      Lazy in identifying new opportunities? Apple spends ridiculous amount of time and money researching where new stores go. Why do you think there's no CBD store in Melbourne yet?

        Because there a a few Apple resellers in Melbournes CBD. They could put one in the Bourke Street Mall, that would look fantastic, but their resellers would eventually die around them.

      Oh and quit your whining. I would prefer 20 somethings on red cordial then consistently shit reseller service. At least the kids at the Apple stores are passionate about what they do.

      I'm guessing that Apple came to some sort of deal with their resellers otherwise wouldn't it be considered a monopolistic practice to open a retail outlet "next" to you reseller?

      Apple dealers are pretty common but. Doesn't help when Apple deliberately aims to be in high profile's really only natural they will be close to other dealers if they are going to be in the center of a town or in the larger suburban malls.

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    Pfft. MSY always has a line.

    I cat deny my mild Apple addiction but I think I would vomit in my mouth if I happened to get get dragged into the middle of that. The only thing I can think is Apple has spent a few million - and it wouldn't really be that much - to pay actors with lifelong non disclosure contracts to turn up to these things so that other people see it and think it's ok. As for the staff, I hope they're on double time and a half for these events because they're made to act like two and half times a douche bag. Agreed with above, I really do just watch with a cringing disbelief and end with the feeling like the nice girl I love is a dirty high street prostitute. Oh the taint

    No worries Luke - Thanks for posting it! 500+ impressions just from Gizmodo! Will keep them coming, since it seems to be popular with the Apple lovers (and haters :)
    ps. My name is spelled with an 'S'

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