The Body-Odour Greeting Card Sounds (And Smells) Just Awful

Getting a card in the post for your birthday, anniversary of even for Christmas is a nice little novelty. There's a pleasant little message in there and more often than not, a joke too. But someone always has to take it too far, and in this case, it's Sydney card company that lets you send a card, complete with your own body odour attached.

Yellow Postie came up with the idea that people want to smell the person sending them a card. The card comes with an odouriser pad that you swab on yourself before sealing the envelope so that the person it's for can read your message and feel like you're right there next to them in all your sweaty, stinky magnificence.

The cards are $3.50 for birthdays and anniversaries and if they prove popular, Yellow Postie says it will expand them for occasions like weddings and new babies. I don't have kids, but I've been told that babies smell bad. Real bad, a lot of the time.

If any of you send me one of these I'm going to find out where you live and send nothing but gorillagrams to your front door at 2am for months on end. You've been warned.

Image: Underarm hair image by Matthew Hurst, CC BY-SA 2.0

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