The Australian Army Is Upgrading Its Combat Simulator Game

The young Australian soldier runs for cover under a hail of enemy bullets. He's the only one left in his squad and it's now his job to neutralise the insurgent threat ahead. Can he do it? It's ok if he fails this time, because he'll respawn straight away. That's because it's a training simulation that the Australian Army are using right now. The very same simulator that's about to get a multi-million dollar upgrade.

First question: can I have a go? No? Ok, back to it.

iTNews reports that the upgrade is set to take place in the next few months and will see the Defence Force upgrade to a 2.0 version of its current software.

Improvements include better artificial intelligence, maps and draw distances. The Defence Force is licensing the upgrade from Bohemia Interactive at a cost of $2.8 million.

It's great to see the government investing in serious games for our troops, but could public spending cuts mean that the Army will switch in future to Counter Strike 1.6? I kid, I kid. It'll be Quake. [iTNews]

Image: isafmedia, CC 2.0

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    Wonder how long 'til the soldiers are training in how to establish a military safe-zone come the zombie apocalypse.

    So.... are they upgrading to ARMA 3 or ARMA 2?

      I believe it's VBS2 v2.0
      Basically ArmA 2 with some features of ArmA 3 + the AAR module

    Good training aid.

    New version is called DayZ: The Extermination Edition

    have to say the WTS - weapons training simulation that the army used to use was a load of balls.

    really slow framerate, shoddy graphics, barely registered my awesome grouping skills and the operators were usually morons.

      what do you mean use to use. They still use it.
      It might not be great in terms of realism but it is great to teach people who have never touched a gun how to shoot and what to expect when they do live fire a weapon.

    Battlefield 3 looks better.

    The WTSS is actually great for basic fault finding and correction of posture/sighting errors in beginners, as well as a basic skills refresher.
    As a user of the current VBS2 system I have to say it spretty lacklustre compared to modern shooters like BF3 which do an immensely better job at simulating fire-and-suppression infantry minor tactics and the value of teamwork in combined arms environments. Im hopefuly that Bohemia can improve on the current system, if only because there is a lot of room for improvement...

      as someone who has used vbs2 and regularly plays bf3 i would just like to point out that battlefield is all very well and good as a game. A lot of the things that make it good as a game, make it bad as a simulator(i.e suppression, reloading to a full magazine every time, player reaction time and accuracy, med kits, ammo packs and defibs) none of it really translates well into a simulator.

    its a simulation not a game.

    When I was in the army, we didn't have virtual reality. We used actual reality. With IWESS gear, obviously.

    WTS was great. I liked being able to line up my sight on the top corner of the target during the initial 3 round grouping. Having my sights "recalibrated" and scoring an amazing grouping during my remaining shots.

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