The Asus Transformer Infinity Now Has A Local Price And Release Date

Want to know when you can get your mits on the Asus Transformer Infinity? Curious about how much dough you'll have to part with for the pleasure of its company? We've got you covered right here.

Asus told us today that the latest member of the Transformer family -- the Infinity -- will hit shelves on 7 August.

The Infinity has been out in the US for a while now, and Asus said we'd have our hands on it by this month at the latest. Still, what's a week after waiting this long?

The Infinity boasts a 10.1-inch 1080p display with a 1920x1280 resolution, quad-core Tegra 3 processing power, an 8-megapixel rear-facing camera and a 2-megapixel front-facing camera. The design has also been tweaked to improve the performance of the Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth.

Asus have confirmed that it's not going to be 3G capable when it lands here, but it will still cost you $999 for the 64GB version. We're not sure if a 32GB model will land Down Under yet.

To infinity and beyond!

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    Yikes, a whole grand? I might as well buy a real computer for that price.

    I think you've got a typo there, you just said it would be $999 for an Asus tablet.

    I don't necessarily think it's directly comparable, but the equivalent 64GB iPad is $240 cheaper.

    There's pro and cons of both devices, but really, there isn't $240 of pros with this device. And you can sure as hell bet that "regular" consumers will feel the same when, when they see the "premium" Apple branded product cheaper than the "cheap" Taiwanese product........

      Indeed. I recently bought the 64gb ipad 3? HD? New Ipad? Wtf ever they're calling it. The wifi one anyhow. I was going to get this Acer one, but after tossing up the resolution factor, the storage cost, the value for dollar, the iPad just came in as better value. I love Android and I have nothing against Apple. I find them both great systems, I even look forward to surface, but to me, they missed the mark with this pricing by a mile.

      There is no "equivalent" iPad. No iPad comes with a docking station/keyboard, nor does any iPad have a quad-core processor. It even has usable full-HD res. All of that makes it worth a premium, even before you take the extra battery life (18 hours on the docking station), expandable storage or 8 Mp camera into account.

        You can get an iPad keyboard starting at $40 if you want such things.

        The rest of the specs are just that, worthless specs that look nice on paper. No-one in the real world cares about those things, it's only neckbearded nerds that drool over such specs, everyone else looks at the brand and price, you need to price your product according to your reputation. And Asus does not have a $1000 tablet reputation.

          Indeed. My keyboard/leather case cost me 39.95 on ebay, its a bluetooth one. I plug my ipad in each night and charge it. So the battery factor is a non issue for me. 18 hours of constant use? Are you ever going to actually do this on a tablet really? Honestly? As for the camera, that's nice, my phone has one already and my camera is an almost 20mp camera (18 I think?) so that's redundant for me. So like you said Cameron, the rest is just anal speculation which looks better on paper than real life. Quad core? Yippee. I still cant play Saints Row 3 on EITHER of them...

            I am never going to use a tablet for even a minute, I have a phone for all of that, so you are asking the wrong person. But I can certainly see why I'd pay a premium for a device like this. In fact, an x86 device of similar utility, running a full OS, would be worth considerably more to me.

          I reckon most would see Asus, who actually invented the segment with the Eee-PC, as the premium Android tablet manufacturer and this is their flagship Android tablet, so I think you are just contradicting yourself. And to suggest that a $40 keyboard is a substitute for a bespoke docking station, that "transforms" it from a tablet into a laptop with a second battery and more peripheral ports, is laughable.

            Well I for one, will be buying one as soon as I can get my hands on one. I don't agree with Cameron et al with regard to the assertion that the specs only look good on paper. Specs are like beauty - it's all in the eyes of the beholder. This transformer has the features I want which is why I've been willing to wait for its release - I don't want a netbook or a 'real' computer. I want the flexibility of a tablet at times (GPS, web browsing etc) and at other times I want to use it like a netbook (blogging, emails etc). The unit (like everything in this world from real estate to a pair of shoes) is worth exactly what someone is willing to pay for it. If it isn't worth it to you then you won't buy it - it's worth it to me so I will pay it, and I can afford it. Simple as that. Doesn't make me or anyone else right or wrong, dumb or smart - just different.

      $999 is the price we were told for the 64GB Infinity. Logic points to it coming with the keyboard docking station, too, and for that price it would want to.

      There's a press conference about this scheduled for the 7th, I'll be sure to put the question about pricing to them now. Will quote the company's "excuse" (provided we get one) in full either in a new piece or right back here.

      Either way, what other questions do you want me to put to Asus? You know, besides the obvious "I can has Nexus 7 nao plz?!"

        Why no 3G when their plastic version has 3G running on their same OS? These devices should be highly portable and its being treated as if it should only be used around the home! We have been desperately waiting for this device to come out with its 3G counter part a long time ago. Now its so close to Windows 8 that when they do get the 3G version out, it wont be competitive with the Windows 8 tablets.

          Maybe they figure everyone can tether it to their phone, thus avoiding a second phone plan? Seems reasonable to me and I imagine it is likely based on take-up of previous devices with 3G vs those without.

        I'd love to know more about their Taichi - full specs and likely on-sale dates. Price is irrelevant, I just want one if the specs are good enough.

        In the States there has been some negative feedback about the dock that is being sold as the TF700 dock. Because of a lack of supply Asus have apparently been provided the TF201 dock. I want to be sure that if I buy an Australian product I will get the proper TF700 dock. Would you please check that at the press conference on the 7th Luke?

          Ok, so I've just got word from Asus that it will ship with the keyboard dock that is specifically designed for the Transformer Infinity, but you can use your Transformer Prime tablet in that keyboard. The only issue you'll have is that it might overbalance if you use a Prime in the Infinity dock. That's because the Infinity dock is thinner and lighter.

    Yeah, it retails for with the dock for about US$750. Even allowing for GST that's a bit of a gouge.

    What a ripoff. Why would you spend $1000 on an android device? Why?!?

    Import it from B&H video for almost half that for 32gb model.

    Wait, does 999 include dock? Pfffft.... As comment from Michael, buy a laptop/ultrabook

      does it come with an aussie charger plug

        No, but I don't think out will cost a few hundred $ to buy one. P:

    Was informed by my local JB hifi store that stocks has been ordered at AUD 864 a pop! ( incl.dock)

      Are you sure that wasn't $864 for the original 64GB Prime TF201 model?

        Confirmed again today for the above stated price...but only available in grey..


    I just bought a Nexus 7 for 300.... LOL. Epic Price fail.

    This is how I read this article:
    New Asus Transformer... Yes. :)
    1080p display... Yes! :0
    Tegra 3... YES!!! XD
    64GB = $999... No. :(

    You can buy ultra books at this price and they have a full Windows operating system.

    What 1080p laptop/ultrabook with touch interface and removable (or even hide-able) keyboard can you get for $999? Or get at all? If you bought the cheapest tablet and laptop out there, you might come a little under in price, but without comparable specs. If you bought a tablet and laptop with comparable specs, you'd spend a bunch more money *and* have to carry around two devices.

      The thing is, when you are talking about specs, you have to take into account that ARM cannot compete with x86. Its just too hard to do

    I bought the transformer with dock for under $600 @ Dick Smith. Its been great while I have been travelling around Australia, having the USB means I can use it as a laptop as well as a tablet :-)

    Finally a reason why windows 8 might succeed.

    I bought (and loved!) the 32gb transformer prime for $790 and would gladly buy it again (12+ hours of battery life with the keyboard + flexibility of being able to leave the KB at home when unnecessary is awesome) but $999 is pushing it for this device. And as much as Tegra 3 works well for the Prime, I think it would struggle to run a 1080p screen smoothly (although Jelly Bean will probably change that).

    All in all - I'd wait for W8 before considering this.

    I paid 520 for the 32gb t300 transformer with a dock and its great because when I need to use something that requires more grunt I use a pc! And as for space I also have a 32gb micro sd in it.999 is too much for any device running a mobile OS.

      Agreed. its a bloody over glorified phone and they are charging laptop/computer prices.

      Poor product with rip-off price.

    Did ASUS learn nothing from the Nexus 7 ?
    No 3G and a grand for a 10 inch ?
    which is late....been hearing about this tab for a looonnngg time
    not top spec-ed tablet
    .... and no an extra 32GB of store which costs 'diddley squat' to add to the tablet
    OMG ! Give up now, you'll sell about a dozen....
    Same issue as Samsung, can't get good product to market quickly or cheaply enough !!!

    What a bunch of retards at ASUS.

    NO F##king 3G!

    Talking from a business who has dumb users. Integrated 3G is a must have. Without it, they will not get the dozens of sales from us.


      Asus DO make a model with 3G, is just that Australia doesn't get it.

    Of course, you guys all need to understand that only Apple and Sony customers pay full retail. If JB are quoting $864, then it is likely you can get them to drop their pants to around $700 without too much effort. Even at $800 it makes a compelling case, I reckon.

      For even $800, 3G connectivity is essential. They cannot hope for it to be successful in Australia without it. Wifi hotspots aren't near common enough yet.

    $999 even if it had 4G for Australia would be insane. I would not even look at it unless it were $599 tops.

    There are many, many places on the web to get these from somewhere overseas at no where near the same cost. The only issue I can see with a Wifi only domain would be the 802.11 regulatory domain, but because 5Ghz has been disabled (Thanks Asus) that should have no drama.
    If you really want one get one overseas just like most things in australia.

    I think MotorMout summed it up well in that there will definitely be movement in pricing. It will possibly take a few months to get it around $700 as there's likely to be short supply and higher demand when released here if the US is anything to go by. How does it work out with warranty etc if buying from the States? I'm a bit put-off by the $999 price tag - I so hate an obvious cash grab.

    I'm disappointed about the price point in Oz. As usual we are getting screwed.

    But what is interesting me is:

    A) Other than warranty, is there any good (technical/functional) reason why we shouldn't buy it overseas?
    B) What is the performance difference between the Wifi Tegra 3 and the LTE Snapdragon variants in overseas markets. I know that the LTE won't work here yet, but hopefully the analog TV bandwidth auction will result in a competent carrier putting in LTE on a compatible frequency. I've read that the Snapdragon whilst having less cores has a larger memory pipe (or something) which means better average performance since a lot of apps don't utilize the extra 2 cores in a Tegra 3.

    No 3G/4G?
    No, thank you.
    Simple as that...oh and the outrageous price.

    If you're silly enough to buy one from JB, Harvey Norman, etc. then you deserve to get ripped off. I bought one online from the US for $675 including dock and shipping.
    +$40 for shipping to Australia
    = 656 delivery (after exchange rate)
    Thats why you never buy anything from Australia...

    Got mine from the USA via eBay paid 540 including delivery transformer infinity T700 32 gig, purchased on Thursday was delivered on Monday don't muck around with local suppliers just get from the USA. You will ripped off buying any other way.

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