The Amazing Contents Of Steve Wozniak's Travel Backpack

Some mornings I open my email and I receive an incredible gift, like the awesome contents of Steve Wozniak's backpack. What you see here is just his charging setup -- there's even more! Here's Woz to explain it himself.

You might think this is abnormal for me, but to the contrary it's customary.

Every extension cord and USB adaptor and USB cable shown here I carry all the time in my backpack with a few exceptions:

• one Belkin AC tripler with dual USB I carry in my suitcase • one dual USB adaptor is from Janet's travel stuff • Canon battery charger is carried in the camera bag • firewire HD I carry in my suitcase • Verizon 3G mifi adaptor (standard micro USB screws up this mifi, have to use their awkward connecter)

Almost every USB cable is retractable.

Every device shown, I carry in my pockets or in my backpack all the time except:

• 2 iPhones, an iPod nano and an iPad belonging to Janet.

Some people ask how heavy my backpack is. There are a lot more things in my backpack including

• the AirPort Express and MacBook Pro 85W magsafe adaptor, which are out of sight in this photo • bluetooth mouse • binoculars • projector connectors • multiple Gameboy Lights (a Gameboy sold in Japan but never in the US) • Gameboy link cables • plenty of foreign AC adaptors • prism glasses for watching movies in bed • sunglasses • earplugs for concerts • Ultimate Ears UE18 earplugs for flights • Gameboy link cable • tons of pencils for pencil games on flights • tons of pens • tons of sharpies • tons of paint pens (signing) • red-blue-purple-yellow-green laser pointers • credit cards • hotel cards • airline cards • hard rock card • medical cards • small accessories like olloclip iPhone lens adaptor • Square • flash keys • flash media adaptors • cigarette lighter dual USB adaptor • audio doubler cable • iPad USB/SD Card adaptors • toiletries for hotels • batteries of many types (AA, AAA, CR2, CR128, odder types for things like my bag beeper for locating my suitcase) • eyedrops • $US2 bill pads • pencil puzzles, • itineraries for upcoming travel...

I usually say that my backpack weighs 50 pounds (23kg). I'm not sure, but I have to carry it every step through airports. I'm sure that I'm shorter now than before and I don't walk as fast. Everything has its place in my backpack.

Sometimes TSA takes a long time unpacking it. A couple of times they asked me to take out everything electronic and I asked for seven bins, all of which I filled (only two half-size), plus my MacBook Pro, plus the bag. All of that through the X-ray machine. Then repack it.

Nothing in my backpack goes unused, although the bluetooth mouse is close.



    i wonder if he uses the iPhone 4S or the Galaxy Nexus as his primary weapon.

    e-waste :P

    wanker woz...

    No fanboys carping on about how cool and necessary it all is, just cause it's woz?

    Damn! I refuse to have an mp3 player and phone in my pocket, why on earth would Woz and his wife need 5 phones and 2 ipods?

      With the phones my guess is battery life and network connectivity. As you know the battery is non-removable, so why not have another phone? And networks anywhere are not 100% reliable so having phones with other carriers is often a good idea, especially for someone that needs to be as connected as he does.
      Maybe the ipod is just backup?

        Thank god I don't have to deal with terrible US phone carriers. Good old Telstra.

        He also has iPhone battery recharge cases in his stash though, so battery wouldn't be it.

    I don't see why 2 people need 7 Phones, 2 GPS's, 4 Wi-Fi hotspots and 2 iPods.

    Redundancy in these devices aside (all of those phones can function as iPods, GPS's and Wi-Fi hot spots), why 7 phones?!?!?!?! I can *maybe* understand 2 each, max. 1 work and 1 personal phone. Anything else is just a waste.

      I suspect that it's a case of he and his wife have a work and a personal phone each, plus he has a couple of phones that work on different frequencies/carriers to his main phones so that he has a useable phone wherever he travels. It's still overkill, but he's clearly a bit OCD.

        The two GPS would again be one for him, one for his wife. Ditto 2 iPods, 2 iPads. Wi-Fi hotspots depending on the carriers available. I guess he or his wife prefers reading books on Kindle to reading them on iPad so one of those as well.

        Really once you realise that this is a set of gadgets for two people, not one person, it becomes much more explicable. 7 phones still seems like total overkill, but eh.

    Well it may seem absurb to normal folk but you aren't the woz so dont know what his day to day life is and all we know does actually use all those devices.

      I doubt his day to day travels involves randomly deciding to fly to a different country and need international plugs.

        Actually, that's probably exactly what he does and that's why.

    Not that we needed all that for the trip, but once you get locked into a serious gadget collection, the tendency is to push it as far as you can.

      HAHAHAHAHA Quote of the day good work.

        Thanks mate, thought I'd find another Thompson fan that would find that amusing.

    I see several days of use before he has to recharge if he uses them serially :p.

    I've lost all respect for the man.. what a wanker to carry all that garbage with him.

      Hey man, please come back, Windows 8 is going to be another Vista and my face just isn't gonna sell it this time :(

        Steve, just get all red faced and sweaty on stage.. thats always good for sales !

    That's nuts.

    So what's the story with his iPAD. Not a normal looking iPad screen so it's either an app (any ideas) or it's hacked/jailbroken....

      I believe that would be The photos app

      I'm pretty sure I remember reading that Woz jailbreaks anyway.

        Yeh I recall reading that he did jailbreak before but the features that he wanted came with the latest IOS so he doesn't bother anymore. But that's definitely the photos app

    It would be funny when the mains power is switched on and all those devices make their charging alert noises simultaneously.

    clearly people can't properly read
    1 GPS is for car
    another for backpack
    make perfect sense!

    Maybe Woz isn't quite as clever as we think he is and hasn't figured out that any of his smart phones can function as a GPS, MP3 and WiFI hotspot.

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