The Aerobot Ring Is The Australian-Made, Unmanned Helicopter Of Your Dreams

The Aerobot unmanned helicopter is the coolest thing to happen to home-grown Australian avionics in the last few years. Equipped with six rotors and a carriage capacity of 7kg, this thing is ready to take aerial photography to a whole new level.

The Aerobot Ring is in its final testing stages, and the on-board video from Aerobot is super impressive. This thing puts gear like the Parrot AR Drone to shame. It's incredibly manoeuvrable, super-fast and the images that the on-board camera captures are nice and stable.

It's only got a flight time of around 15 to 20 minutes, but that's all you need to capture incredible images. The drone that captured the incredible footage of the riots in Poland last year only needed two minutes and 40 seconds to capture something that has been shared all over the world.

We're not sure how much the Aerobot Ring will retail for when it comes out, but I'm saving up already.

Make sure to watch through to the 1:15 mark to see this thing shoot off into the distance. Awesome.



    Parrot AR - $350
    Aerobot - $Thousands

    Definitely very cool - but at the prices they charge, it would want to be.

    I've built my own Quad Rotor that carries an onboard cam. (two actually).
    It flies for 10 minutes at a time (for now) and I can pilot it from one of the onboard cameras.
    All up, with radio gear, camera's and video transmitters, it cost about $350.
    Go to Hobby King and you'll find everything you need to build one of these yourself.
    Most particularly, check out their Beer Lift challenge.
    Some of those things put THIS thing to shame.

    That's pretty cool. Makes me think that all choppers should have 6 rotors. So manoeuvrable, and the redundancy of all those extra props can't hurt.

    Thanks for your comments guys. It seems there is a little confusion as to what we actually sell and our product's capabilities. Comparing to something like the AR Drone is like comparing a Hyundai to a Porsche.
    Our models come with GPS functionality for position and altitude hold, return to base and waypoint programming. Also included are features like Point of Interest which basically sends the machine on a predetermined flight path to capture photos or footage automatically around a point of interest. There are many other capabilities of these platforms.
    This model in particular will be supporting a large payload of around 7kg for expected flight times of 10-15 minutes.
    Of course, there are other cheaper models around, and we are all for people building their own machines and learning how this amazing technology works. Places like hobby king can provide some components for hobby copters, but we are really more focused on providing super stable and reliable commercial platforms.
    If you have any questions about our new model, please let us know.


    I count 12 propellers... Who authored the title....

      Agreed - its 6 motors with push/pull configuration that gives 12 rotors (blades). I seriously want one, but with all the features that Team Aerobot describe I am sure the cost will only be afforded by commercial operators.

    It sure does haul ass at 1:15.
    I love it but could never justify buying one.

    I’m building my own using parts readily available over the Net.. I don't need to buy someone else’s at inflated prices.... Thanks

      "at inflated prices..."? I'm assuming you base this on the unannounced price.

      Using the same powers of deduction and an equal amount of available facts, I conclude that your 'copter will be powered by solo man love.

      There are 12 motors and 12 rotors ;-)

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    Again... this think has 12 , 12x6 inch props (appears ,and judging from their web site and the above video)
    with a motor capable of 800-1000 Watts output.... (this thing has the potential for 8-10 kW that is a lot of power.... )
    Normally a plane Weighing up to 4 kg may have one of these, motoring along at 100 km/hr (depending on many factors...)

    Putting 12 of these on a bird (designed for 7kg payload) when empty, if they are running a 4-5 cell LiPo system, that thing should be capable of going very fast..... (granted it isn't a plane, it is a "heli" so it will go slower than if the same power was mounted on a plane. (stick a wing on it and see how the light envelope changes...)

    What would it do if 12 of these were put on a 5kg plane with square 13 inch props.... (even over square, as it would still have loads of thrust for accelerating.)
    SO it should be able to haul ass, even if fully loaded... (the power is useful for providing a very stable platform under variable conditions (depends on the control system)..... I don't think the battery life will be too good though. (stated 15-20 mins... a longer battery life will start costing weight, lots of)

    Like the product and look forward to the costings on this product.

    Have been building hobby quads for a while now and absolutely love them and have been comparing products from Aerobot, Draganfly, Multiwii and others. The Aerobot unit looks quite stable and the photography is nice.

    The difference with the commercial product and the amateur stuff most of us have is the confidence that a product wont drop out of the sky unexpectedly, you know the products limits and the operator is experienced and or licensed to operate commercially.

    Good luck guys and look forward to pricing.

    Comparing the toys everyone is making from hobby king and such to this machine is ridiculous. If you want a toy, go buy one, I certainly wouldn't trust it with my 2000 dollar cemera strapped to it. Can't wait for the ring, nice one Aerobot.

      Thanks :-)

    don't expect to pay less than $8k on it... it's a pretty cool thing but too expensive...

    I agree with GC Flight...this machine is in a league of it's own and to compare it to a hobbyist toy is just silly. Professionals need to be able to rely on a machine that will carry their heavy $2000-$4000 cameras safely and be as steady as a rock for their shots. They also want innovative tools that help them produce creative work thats pushes the boundaries. And finally, they want the job done properly. They are not in it for the fun alone, they are in it to excel in their profession and to profit from their work and don't have the time to waste on machines that simply don't get that job done!

      But just as a Professional photographer doesn't fly a helicopter an take Pictures, (in most cases) one who is expert at Photography will also have an expert pilot to operate the aero package....
      They shouldn't think that Just because their expensive camera is in an expensive machine it is safe.....
      Think of all the manned heli crashes... (very,very, expensive machines).... Be smart, get someone who has put in the hours getting used to flying one of these machines.. It is still a hell of a lot cheaper than hiring a full size heli.

    This thing is so so cool! I want it !

    Team Aerobot (TA), are a professional organisation developing and producing high quality products to satisfy the commercial media market. MD, GC Flight & Mel's comments above are right on the mark. All other 'propellor-heads' on this thread have missed the point - I see that TA, coupled with German engineering groups, develop this equipment for documentary shooters, newsreels, eventers, advertising agencies, land developers and so on. A videographer/photographer hires himself/herself out to deliver these services.

    LGB - $6-10k is not that expensive in the media industry. Considering the above, one would not take long to recover costs. Remember that this is a specialised peice of equipment - definately not a toy.

    BTW, nice work F&S - congrates to TA.

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