The 24-Carat Gold Vacuum Cleaner You Didn't Ask For And Don't Need

The price of gold is at a record high ($US1500-$US1700 this year, depending on the day) and it will only continue to rise, based on current pattern of growth.

All of which is to say, manufacturing a set of 100 24-carat gold-plated vacuum cleaners -- each with a price tag of $US1 million -- takes a kind of hubris rarely scene since the pharaohs of ancient Egypt.

Justin Haver, VP of sales and marketing for Go Vacuum, is one such pharaoh and resides today in Washington, DC.

Mr. Haver conceived of the idea for a gold-plated vacuum while shuffling to his bathroom, his half-asleep eyes blinded by a golden light. (Okay!? ) It took about six months, but Mr. Haver's got is golden chariot of dust -- 100 of them, actually. "[T]he status and exclusivity of owning a vacuum like this can't be measured in dollar and cents," he told the Daily Mail. (But, uh: $US100 million... for vacuums!!!?!?!11?!)

Anyway, each is equipped with a 10 amp motor, a 14′ wide cleaning nozzle, and anti-marring urethane wheels. Not like any of that matters, because you'll never buy one.

Oh, these hunks of hubris have their very own rap, in case you feel like crying tonight. [Inhabitat]



    Mothers Day comes to mind...

      How about a gold plated toilet brush, or kitchen sink instead? ^_^

      For the trophy wife who has everything......

    "hubris rarely scene..." should be "seen" really, grammatical hubris ahoy!

    Congratulations, you qualify for FREE Continental US Ground shipping - i was worried that my order wasn't enough!

    Sorry, your order exceeds our maximum online order limit of $100,000.00....?

    Money can't buy good taste. Just listen to the promo video.
    I'm sure a $1000 Dyson works better anyway.

    Lol a $1 million Kirby vacuum, the door to door offer seems more like a bargain compared to this.

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