Telstra's Underground Network Is Still Just A Test

Tunnel dwellers around the Sydney CBD might have noticed in the last week that Telstra has dramatically improved the coverage in the city's railway tunnels. While that's good news, the telco has told us that right now it's only testing the coverage capabilities.

A brief comment from Telstra reads:

A system is being installed however it’s only in the testing phase. Please check in with RailCorp or the Minister’s office for details on the project.

Elsewhere, Telstra and other telcos provide mobile services at the stations in the Melbourne Underground Rail Loop (MURL). There is also mobile coverage in the Perth Underground rail network.

Don't say we didn't warn you that the coverage might drop out or disappear entirely for a spell over the next few months.

Image: Catherine, CC2.0



    noticed the improved reception today....still drops to one bar and appears to loose data connectivity between town hall and wynyard. definitely more reception.

    What about between Berowra and Gosford? If Telstra added coverage for ONLY data and not voice that would be great.

    Re: Melbourne Underground Rail Loop (MURL).

    There is no Telstra coverage between Central > Parliament > Richmond interchange...unless you consider "SOS emergency dialling only coverage",or "No Coverage" coverage...or getting off the train at one of those stations coverage

    Optus is doing the same in the City Loop in Melbourne.

    I've rediscovered books on my commute. I got so tired of waiting for stations to load the next news page. Pretty much the only time I wanted 3G is in tunnels ironically, but now I enjoy reading a dusty tome by candlelight.

    I don't understand how all three networks have amazing reception with HSPA in the 13km underground Epping-Chatswood line, but can't get make a phone work in the 500m between Wynyard and the Harbour Bridge. We have been able to make mobile calls inside the underground stations since the mid-90's, mind you, so it's not like the technology doesn't exist.

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