Telstra's 3GIS Network Has 30 Days To Live

Do you have your Telstra 3G affairs in order? I hope you do, because the telco reaper is coming for you and your obsolete 3G service in 30 days time.

Telstra is set to switch off the 2100Mhz 3GIS network on 31 August so that it can refarm the spectrum around the rest of its existing 3G network.

The telco will keep 2G, Next G and 4G will remain operational.

The network only covers 9000 square kilometres of the country and the telco hasn't sold a device on the network since 2010.

Are you going to be caught out?

Image: Khalid Albaih, CC2.0



    I think one of my grandmas phones is on this 3G network. I would
    assume that almost no one has a phone on this network anymore, so
    most people will be OK. this is the same for those who don't have a
    digital aerial.

    Coincidence that this article is surrounded by Optus ads, or is it.
    . .

      It's no coincidence, Robert. Optus have ads on Gizmodo Australia. Telstra do too. It's how we're able to bring you all this content for free!

        I think he meant, coincidence that it's Optus and not Telstra or a
        non-telco ad.

        So you mean it IS a coincidence? Saying it isn't a coincidence
        implies that the Optus ads have a connection with the publication
        of this story specifically.

          This just in! Optus is amazing!

    So this means any phone that doesn't have a 2100Mhz band in the
    radio (ie, most non-Telstra branded phones - eg, phones from
    Optus/Voda etc) purchased before 4G that currently work on Telstra
    3G in (primarily) CBD areas will now fail-over to 2G everywhere?

      That is true they will only offer 3g on 2100mhz. Seen all those
      half price nextg modem deals? Cause there's a lot of people on
      Telstra without 2100 modems, luckily my unlocked dodo modem is.

        *scratches head* huh ? care to try again it says theyre switching
        off the 2100mhz network, so as for your 'lucky' statement I think
        you might be changing your tune.

    Title is slightly confusing for the uneducated, and 2100 for LTE?
    Considering Telstra are walking away with like 1400 sites from 3GIS
    to reuse on the network under the NextG banner - on 2100Mhz of
    course .. long story short, don't bother using a non 3G 850 device
    on Telstra :)

      Yeah it should be mentioned that 3G isn't going anywhere since the
      850MHz 3G network is NOT being turned off or turned into LTE. I was
      a little confused and I was fully aware of what was happening
      before coming in here lol.

        Yep same .. NextG isn't even 3G 850 anymore since Telstra have been
        rolling out their own 2100, non-3GIS sites for about two years now
        - even before the announcement of the 3GIS closure. They'll update
        the equipment in the sites they get from 3GIS and roll it into
        their network under the NextG banner as I said. Vodafone on the
        other hand keep lagging behind .. :)

    Pretty sure iPhone 3GS runs on this network...

      3Gs runs on 3G 850/1900/2100 - no problems here

    This is the network that Telstra shares with Hutchison (Vodafone/3)
    and as of the 31st of august it's not being switched off and it's
    not being changed over to 4G or LTE or anything else - Telstra
    customers just won't have access to it any more because the
    agreement between Telstra and Hutchison is coming to an end. That
    said, anyone in the last couple of years that has used 3G 2100MHz
    phone has been sent a letter by now to let them know about it and
    get it rectified.

    This has really confused a lot of people and people are confused
    about which network is being switched off (yes ignoring the whole
    not actually being switched off part) Perhaps there needs to be an
    example list sourced and published of what phones could be
    impacted. Someone here has already gotten it confused and thought
    thier iphone3gs would stop working.

    NextG and 4G are okay, article is only refering to Telstra's
    orginal 3G which has not been promoted for many many years ...
    please understand which Network you are on. It is very unlikely to
    be one in this article!!

    Anyone who has used this network in the last 12 months has received
    a letter in the mail warning them anyway. I put my SIM in my
    mothers Omnia 7 to make sure it wasn't SIM locked before she went
    to America, total time would of been 30 seconds, and Telstra sent
    me a letter warning me my Omnia 7 wont be supported when the
    network is turned off.

    LTE/4G is currently only being utlized on the 1800 band, the 2100
    is being used as a boost to the existing 850 network for their
    general consumer network. The network that is being "switched off"
    is the old Hutchison/3GIS network, where the base station sites
    have been divvied up between Telstra & Vodafone and upgraded to
    suit their own needs.

    We in network construction are still installing rbs 6201 and 6601 for 2100mhz and 850mhz wcdma.
    Not sure what this "omg world is coming to an end" stuff that people are on about.

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