Telstra T-Hub 2: The Home Phone Is Now An Android Tablet, Too

Hands-up who uses a home phone? Hands-up who uses a tablet just for the home? If both your hands are up, start waving them around for a party because Telstra's got something you might like.

It's the new T-Hub (stay with me here), and it's essentially an Android tablet with built-in DECT hardware allowing it to connect to the companion cordless home phone it ships with. The addition of Android means that, among other things, the device has access to Google Play, which makes the device far more relevant to a home-bound tablet.

Telstra is calling it "the smartphone for your home", and it comes with a front, and rear-facing camera, a 1024x600 screen, Yellow and White Pages built-in, visual voicemail for your home messagebank, a custom calendar and the unmetered BigPond content that you'd expect from a Telstra device.

It's built on Android 2.3 and while Telstra is promising support for 4.1.1 Jelly Bean in future, it's tough to believe that it'll ever get there. Telstra's also saying that MOG will soon have a custom-built app for the new T-Hub 2.

Telstra's putting out the T-Hub 2 as part of its Connected Home push. The T-Hub 2 will work with DLNA and can also act as a remote to your T-Box. The T-Hub 2 will set you back $360 outright, or you can get it all folded into Telstra's T-Bundle products.



    And it's still a terrible tablet. Do yourself the favour and get a decent tablet for less (eg: Nexus 7). Also what they don't tell you when selecting a bundle is that you can take off the "free" T-Box or T-Hub and save $11 per month (11*24=$264). So think about it, would you really spend $264 on this piece of Telstra-bloated under-spec'd junk.

      FYI you need to update your Telstra pricing knowledge. With the new T-HUB the HRO incorporated in the bundles has now risen to $15 per month $15*24=$360

      WADR fellow android fan, the T-Hub2 is $15 per month ($15 * 24= $360).

      Seems like a pretty good idea for me. If you dont know what you are doing (which would seem to be you), then i would say that this is a no hassle option.

      For me i would not get it because i dont use a land line, but if i did, this would be the one i use.

    Its about time Telstra made the Thub into something useful! Might actually consider getting this.

    wow! whats with that? why would someone wants to combine the two together? Any idea how awful the t-hub 1 was as a product? I used to work for T-hub support. Any idea how many they used to return a day of those? at least 5 a day. Will be getting Jellybean in the future? just look at telstras support on the nexus.. non existent.

      Used to work for. That means that you havn't touched the V2 then. You don't know how it works, you don't know what it feels like and you don't have any experience with it. Comparing V1 to V2 is like comparing a bi-plane to the SR-71. The are totaly different. They share no common components or specifications. And its the tested to hell and back.

      Did you even look at the specs before shooting your mouth off or did you, like most people just seen the T logo and decide to troll?

      Adam C, i weep for your children.

        SR-71? You must be joking shirley. My current Panasonic DECT system has four handsets (lounge,kitchen,study,sewing), this piece of model T ford era rubbish is just junk.

          Ah. I see, you didn't read the article. your oppinions can be ignored.

    I have a original t-hub in my household, but we never use it. As it may as well not have a battery in there cause it goes flat that quickly, and then there are the constant freezing and hangs...
    Don't think I'll get this one....

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    The T-Hub v2 is actually quite a nice device to use. It's fast, snappy and Android. It is a very decent upgrade over the v1!

    This looks like a CONSIDERABLE improvement. The original T-Hub was the worst internet device I've ever had the displeasure of using.

    Still, I cannot see any reason to have this over a Nexus 8, as someone else has said.

    I played with this today, it's a massive improvement over the old model. It's actually fast has a great screen and very easy to use. And Simon, it's not that bad. Maybe you should go see for yourself and then assess. They all do the same thing now. Plus is a Nexus a home phone?? no it's not. SO if you can name a better home phone on the market then go ahead. But for now this is it.

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      This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

      This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    I have not encountered a good product branded by Telstra since the answering machine I bought in 1993, and I have had a few - cordless phones, mobile phones, etc. They are good at selling, but generally a better product or service can be found elsewhere, and it appears from the comments above that not much has changed!

      Guess you're out of luck if you want high speed broadband then! Don't worry, we don't care if you miss out.

    As a tablet it's mediocre but as a landline phone it is spectacular. If you don't need a landline, with the number that goes with it, then fine, go mobile with a phablet, but if you need to keep your landline for any reason then this is probably the most advanced "telephone" in the world and considering it's only about twice the price of a regular DECT remote+base it's almost a bargain considering 2 cameras, google and DLNA thrown in.

    I wonder how many of the people making favorable comments work for Telstra? or Telstra marketing companies? Going on the previous history of ALL Telstra branded products such as Telstra ZTE152, Telstra branded tablet etc... You would have to wait at least 6 months to see how reliable the unit is before purchase....Telstra taking a device back because it doesn't work isn't good enough anymore. Try getting the device to work first (what more proof ask about digital business)

    I use Telstra for mobile services but not landline as they couldn't do broadband at my address so had to go VDSL with another telco. Reading this post and comments I couildn't work out what the advantage of the hub would be to me as I have adequate (I think) landline and mobile phone services and internet coverage throughout the house using wifi. So looked at the Telstra website and was confused to see that it is largely being touted as a "your perfect kitchen companion" and goes on to make further kitchen related observations "right there in your kitchen" "fill your kitchen with music and memories" To me this seems to be the last thing I'd want in my kitchen. If I need a recipe my iPad in recipe-mode is perfect. But given all the discussion that this has generated I am clearly missing something which the Tesltra site isn't telling me - apart from the fact that the Hub is currently unavailable and I should go to my telstra store. So what can the hub offer me that I don't already have if don't use it in my kitchen? This is somewhat rhetorical, of course, given that I'm no longer a Telstra landline customer.

    I cannot urge anybody strongly enough not to buy this.
    Without a review or even looking at the product i can tell you it is exactly like every other piece of New Telstra equipment, rubbish.

    Take a look at the t-box, which my parents unwittingly bought 1 year ago, this technology is 5-6 years old and refashioned with a telstra logo and classified state of the art and its criminal....and thats assuming it works.

      If you havn't tried it, you can't comment on it. The T-Hub 1 was a PoS. having used this one quite a bit, I can say it is not.

    Seems to me that if you are trying to impress customers you would bring out the produce with the latest Android operating system not an older version. My biggest concern, apart from the old software, is the way the Telco's try to lock you in - I won't be jumping into this tablet even though I am a Telstra landline customer (locked in because I am unable to get another provider to my door). I can't wait for Telstra to get some real competition - especially where I live.
    My mobile is with Amaysim where I have NO monthly mobile fee at all, NO flag fall per call, only 11 cents A MINUTE for calls and NO bill if my account does not reach $15 of calls in a month and NO lock in contract. Now that is what I call competition - beat that Telstra!

    P.S. for those interested in my Amaysim comments - I am on a 'post paid' plan NOT 'prepaid'. So I only pay for what I use and do not lose any credits I have paid for but not used. I also don't have to worry about what credits are left at the end of each month - simple. Why do we constantly accept paying for things we do not use when we get into Mobile plans? It is stupid.

    Telstra should give up on the hardware, which does not have a good record. However, the phone-oriented software can be useful. Telstra/Bigpond should make that software into an app for iPad and Android and sell that to Subscribers. Telstra, give some thought to that, please.

    Just got the is a great tablet. Is it a Google Nexus? Nope. But bundled into my package it's virtually free. Saves me getting a tablet. Come on Telstra...Jelly Bean!!

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