Telstra T-Hub 2: The Home Phone Is Now An Android Tablet, Too

Hands-up who uses a home phone? Hands-up who uses a tablet just for the home? If both your hands are up, start waving them around for a party because Telstra's got something you might like.

It's the new T-Hub (stay with me here), and it's essentially an Android tablet with built-in DECT hardware allowing it to connect to the companion cordless home phone it ships with. The addition of Android means that, among other things, the device has access to Google Play, which makes the device far more relevant to a home-bound tablet.

Telstra is calling it "the smartphone for your home", and it comes with a front, and rear-facing camera, a 1024x600 screen, Yellow and White Pages built-in, visual voicemail for your home messagebank, a custom calendar and the unmetered BigPond content that you'd expect from a Telstra device.

It's built on Android 2.3 and while Telstra is promising support for 4.1.1 Jelly Bean in future, it's tough to believe that it'll ever get there. Telstra's also saying that MOG will soon have a custom-built app for the new T-Hub 2.

Telstra's putting out the T-Hub 2 as part of its Connected Home push. The T-Hub 2 will work with DLNA and can also act as a remote to your T-Box. The T-Hub 2 will set you back $360 outright, or you can get it all folded into Telstra's T-Bundle products.

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