Telstra Scraps Its $29 Cap Plan

Telstra changes its cap plans like I change my underwear: about once every few months. The latest shakeup sees the carrier's Freedom Connect plans rebranded as Every Day Connect plans which abolishes the $29 plan tier in favour of a $40 tier, among other alterations.

The $29 Freedom Connect plan used to give customers $150 worth of included eligible calls and texts along with 30MB of included eligible data. That plan has now been scrapped in favour of a $40 tier ($35 if you bring your own phone), which gets you substantially more: $300 worth of calls and texts along with 250MB data. Not bad for the additional cost really.

Other changes include a $1 price hike in the old Freedom Connect plans, meaning that the new Every Day Connect plan tiers look like this:

New Every Day Connect Plans

$40 Every Day Connect: $300 of calls and texts + 250MB data. $60 Every Day Connect: $600 of calls and texts + 1GB data. $80 Every Day Connect: $800 of calls and texts + 1.5GB data. $100 Every Day Connect: $900 of calls and texts + 2GB data. $130 Every Day Connect: unlimited calls and texts + 3GB data.

That's a change from the Freedom Connect plans which looked like this:

Old Freedom Connect Plans

$29 Freedom Connect: $150 of calls and texts + 30MB data. $49 Freedom Connect: $400 of calls and texts + 1GB data. $59 Freedom Connect: $550 of calls and texts + 1.5GB data. $79 Freedom Connect: $800 of calls and texts + 2GB data. $99 Freedom Connect: $1200 of calls and texts + 2.5GB data. $129 Freedom Connect: unlimited calls and texts + 3GB data.

Additional data allowances have also been altered. A $5 data pack gets you 250MB, $15 gets you 1GB, $30 gets you 3GB and $60 gets you 8GB.

This switch up is more of a tweak than a sweeping change, but it's still good to be in the know. In terms of value, the $40 plan looks great for low users. [Telstra]



    Thanks Telstra giving us less data on the new plan (NOT)

    I upgraded from the Freedom Connect 79 BYO to the 99 unlimited. Does anyone know if I can downgrade back to my original plan or will I be forced into the new plan?

      You will be forced to the currently available plans only.

        Incorrect, you can move between bands of your current plan family.

          I am on $129 freedom connect and cannot move back to the $79 plan i started on.

            You can move up and down wirhin the Family provided you dont go below your original spend level when you started.

      If you contracted on the $79 plan, and asked for your minimum spend to be increased (without re-contracting), then yes, you can reduce your monthly spend back to $79, but no lower without terminating your contract and paying penalties.

        Yeah I know I can't go lower unless I pay the fee. Just needed to know if i can go back to the original 79 that I signed up for instead of the new 79 plan. Thanks for the response guys!

          no you can't. The original plans are no longer in the system and Telstra staff are not allowed to contract anyone on them, the cut-off date was yesterday. Sorry bro.

            Just to prove my point on you comment you made below I just rang up Telstra and spoke to the billing department (Gold Coast) and he said I can be put back on to my ORIGINAL Freedom Connect $79 plan because thats what I signed up for and I will get my original $1200 worth of calls and 2.5gb of data. So YES I can go back to my original plan which is what I plan to do when I no longer need my current plan.

            Im sorry but you are wrong!
            Its called rightplanning and you can move down to where you started without recontracting if you stay in the same plan structure. They are most certainly still in 'the system', you just cant start a new contract based on those plans...
            ...I work for T

              Hi just wanted to add I was on the 129 Freedom Connect Plan and the Telstra staff over the phone at my request changed me to the $100 Everyday Connect Plan plus she waived the $50 Admin Charge to change plans so I downgraded pretty much. It is possible to get on the new plans everyone

    These would be good if they didnt have such horrible data caps

    1gb should be the minimum these days

    Sucks though if you are like me and were on the $99. Now I get to pay an extra $1 and get $300 less in call value and 0.5GB less in data.

    And I know its a nit pick - but messages are free on all those plans, so its $300 in CALLS on the $40 plan for example.

      Nope, you won't be forced to change plans. These new plans only apply to new customers, or existing customers who voluntarily change to one of these plans.

        Yes, but I plan on re-contracting with them when the new iPhone comes out, and I will have to pay significantly more then.

          Consider buying the iPhone outright and go on a BYO plan. I did that with the G Note and assuming you plan on getting the 32 or 64gb iPhone on a $130 plan, you can get the exact same plan on BYO for $99 and have the option to be locked in for 12 months.

            I dont think it would be much cheaper to buy it out right. There is a $37 diff between byo and putting a phone on the contract, which works out to be $888 over the 24 months, which isnt bad for a 64Gig iPhone.

              Don't know about you but I find the handset repayments with Telstra to be ridiculously overpriced than compared to its competitors. Currently on Kogan the 64gb iPhone 4s is $879+$19 delivery. Slightly more than what you mentioned but at least you will have that peace of mind if you want to move on after 12 months if your not happy on your plan.

              And also you have the choice to sign up for a lower plan and then upgrade to a higher plan without being locked into the higher plan for the duration of the contract, which this is what I have done.

      This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

        "No, you won’t. you will remain on your original $99 plan for the duration of your contract." Do you have any evidence proving your statement? Because I specificity asked Telstra if I can roll back to my original plan before I made the upgrade without being charged and they said yes you can roll back without charges because that's what I signed up for. If I go any lower than what I have signed up for then they will charge me. If they take their word back and not let me go back to my original plan within my contract period then I guess I will be having a word with Mr. TIO.

    So I see Telstra still aren't moving from the overpriced image they have created for themselves. Sure, you get better reception in a lot of places, but I'm yet to have any troubles at all with my $20 iiNet plan (Optus network) with a $450 cap and 1.5gb data.

      It is worth pointing out that the BYO plans are quite a bit cheaper, but yes, they are expensive. But they are also the best. I have been with every other major telco, and I hate telstra the least.

        +1 on this. I am currently on both Optus 99 Timeless (currently got 3 months free because they screwed up their service during the Queensland floods) and Telstra BYO $99, both exactly the same apart from the data, but Telstra provides a far better service than Optus and far simpler billing system. I couldn't be any happier with Telstra.

          I think the "I couldn't be any happier with Telstra" statement is a bit of a push for me, I just think they are the best of a bad bunch (which isnt saying much). I just hate them the least, there are plenty of things they could do that would make me happier with them.

            Well when it comes to any telcos they are all pretty much all bad. But I have been with Telstra for 4 months now and my father has been with them for nearly 30 years and both of us never had a problem. And I have currently been with Optus for the past 5 years and they always add surprising charges to my bill (and they are currently trying to charge me $500 contract cancellation of which I never approved of) and it can be very difficult to understand. I use to be on a cap plan with them and they wouldn't add the GST to the included calls until after you receive the bill, so even if you check your cap and nearly reach its limit you will exceed it when they add the GST on top of it.

      The government restricts Telstra from going any lower due to some shitty equal rights law.
      Simply put, if Telstra was as cheap as everyone else, there would be noone else, so the Government restricts their prices.

    Hmm, I suspect you've made an error with this comparison by using the prices for the "Old Freedom Connect Plans" if you were to bring your own handset, and then used the prices for the "New Every Day Connect Plans" if you were to bundle the handset in the price.

    One of the differences between these new plans and the old Freedom plans (aside from decreased data) is that on the higher plans - $80 ($60 BYO), $100 ($80 BYO) - you get free included calls.
    On the $80, you get unlimited calls from 7pm to 7am.
    On the $100, the above unlimited calls as well as unlimited calls on weekends.

    Obviously the $130 is unlimited calls throughout.
    There's also an increase in call costs, to I believe 99 cents per minute with 45 (might be slightly off) connection fee.

    I'm on a $59 plan and getting 1.5GB + $10 for an extra 1GB.

    New plan is $60 for 1GB + $15 for an extra 1GB.

    Not great.

    I've still got about 18 months to go anyway, and they'll probably change them by then.

    It's the measly data allowances that kill me, the base plan has more then enough call credit but I need the top data allowance, even getting the basic plan with a data pack will cost me triple what I can get on the other networks.
    I'm sick of floptus's lack of speed & shoddy reception but it is hard to justify the expense.

    It's worth noting the changes in the old $59 Freedom to the new $60 Everyday.
    While it looks like there are more calls included, the call rates and flagfalls have increased. When the numbers are crunched you get the same number of three minute calls per month.
    Further, the MRO bonus is reduced on the new plan. which will likely increase the out of pocket expense to customers.

      I did notice that too. They rates per min are 99cents and 40 cent connection fee. They have gone up a lot.

    i can't find the $40 plan on telstra's website?

      The cheapest plans with Telstra are only available from Telstra Shops, not online

    So I'm losing 500Mb of data and paying another $1. Great. Wonder if they're keeping BYO?

      Yep, same deal as before, just with the new shit plans. Thanks Telstra, that's the only reason I went on your network - data.

      Same boat with less than 2 months remaining on my contract, though paying $20 for 2GB. Thanks for making the choice easy Telstra, GFY!

        To clarify - I'm on the "$59" at the moment, paying $49 on BYO. Really don't want to be changed over... hopefully it's only new customers. If that's the case, I'll buy my phones outright from now on. Their handset repayments are ridiculous compared to every other telco, anyway.

        Kind of waiting for a bill where they've rolled me down to 1Gb allowance with 300Mb extra data charges, and they haven't notified me of a plan change... Hello, ACCC.

          They wont change you to the new plans. But you would have already been bitten by when you signed on only being charged in 30sec blocks they changed everyone even existing customers to 60sec blocks.
          Yes the BYO stands. Same sort of discount you had before. $10 saving on the cheapest, $30 on the most expensive and $20 on the middle two.

    So glad I picked up my One XL on Friday :)

      Aye! I actually picked mine up the day before the change (phew!)

      Thanks Telstra for putting-up the price of mobile data. And no, noone with a brain pays attention to the $5billion worth of "free" calls/text.

    and its still totally beaten by amaysim.
    $40/mth for unlimited calls and 4gb of data. yep I'm going to telstra!

    So they give everyone more of what we aren't using and taking away the stuff that most people do (DATA on their smartphones - about all you can buy in a Tesltra store)

    You left out some of the major changes to the plans.
    The $80 includes free nights.
    The $100 includes that plus free weekends
    This goes to help reduce the impact on your call cap.
    Then the REALLY important one in the article is the upping of the call costs in the cap that Lance mentioned.
    The per min rate is up from 90c to 99c and the call connection fee is up from 35x to 40c. So if one was to go over they would be hurt much more than before.
    Finally for those that run Businesses those plans have special deals with 25c or free call during 9-5 Business hours. So it depends on your usage as well as if you have an ABN as to which best suits.

      You missed some of the Major Changes:L
      1) Unlimited Night Calling on $80 ($60 BYO) plans and above (free calls between 7Pm -7am)
      2) Unlimited Nights + Unlimited Weekends on $100 ($80 BYO) plans and above (free calling all day Sat and Sun in addition to point 1)

      This is real great value.
      With the call charge, Vodafone charges the exact same amount 99c + 40c connection fee. Taking into consideration the network and the coverage - the increased is at par with other competitors.

    I was thinking of switching to Telstra for the better reception, and considering our internet and home phone are already with Telstra.
    But these prices don't even come near to comparing with TPG. I'd be paying over 3x the price of my current plan.. 1.5x I could deal with, but 3x is huge.

    From what i have heard Telstra have xhanged the data pricing to get more people onto wireless to help with congestion.

    And as a Telstra customer you just need to know how to work the data. Remember they bill you pro-rata for the data but you get full allowance. Example: have a $30, use your 3gb in 15 days. Change the data pack to the $60 use the 8gb for last 15 days and on you billyou will have $45 for 11gb...

    Apparently the $40 plan is invitation only. So only certain areas and certain departments can offer this deal, its not something readily available.. So you might as well say their plans start at $60

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