Telstra Removes Galaxy Nexus From Sale

The Galaxy Nexus isn't that long in the tooth is it? That's the question I'm kicking around my brain this morning after Telstra confirmed to Gizmodo Australia that you'll no longer be able to pick up the curved piece of Google magnificence on plan from the carrier.

Telstra ditching the Nexus was first spotted by Ausdroid late yesterday. I suppose that the Nexus has been out since October last year and since then, handsets like the Galaxy S III have launched to supersede Google's favourite Android device.

Which would you prefer on contract: Galaxy Nexus or Galaxy S III?


    SGS3 assuming the same contract price...
    Disappointing that the Nexus 7 has replaced the usual handset update (I presume)

    Brother in law has a Nexus, awesome piece of kit. Used it for a bit when he first got it and feels really polished. However I decided to wait a little longer and bought the Galaxy S3, and so much better for it. S3 is leaps and bounds ahead of the Nexus in many ways, the display, the performance, how intuitive the operating system is etc. I'd happily have one or the other however. I don't believe it's time for retailers to stop selling the Nexus though, in terms of technology/features/performance it's still lightyears ahead of ANY apple phone device.

    I love how my Galaxy Nexus gets updates as soon as they happen. Very surprised Telstra have dropped it merely weeks after the announced Android 4.1 and also 'banned in the US' online hype.

    Aren't Telstra still selling the Samsung Galaxy 4G? It's a bit odd, but I guess it's fair enough.

    And they've definitely copped enough grief with not getting updates out promptly, probably scared them off supporting it.

      Telstra's currently selling two Galaxy branded devices: the SIII and the SII 4G edition. I suppose it was inevitable that the Nexus would be dropped, it's just sad.

        As far as being a "standard end consumer" phone, it's served its purpose.

        Fact of the matter is, 3rd party developer support has always been one of the strongest arguments for purchasing any Nexus device - however the majority of Android users aren't interested in rooting their phone and using custom firmware on their device. Speed of OS updates are no longer the trump card they once were for Nexus (the whole Yakju vs Yakjudv debate for example, and expect to hear plenty of uproar about how long it takes Jelly Bean to roll out to Galaxy Nexus owners).

        Telstra aren't really interested in providing a contract phone at no extra cost on a ~$30 a month plan (last time I looked, their contracts started at $60/month) - and that's really the market where it sits at the moment.

        So really where does that leave it? Relegated to an overtly expensive pre-paid phone? Somehow I don't see it attracting much attention there either.

          Oh and to answer the question - I'd probably take the Galaxy Nexus. Price wise, it's at about the best value for money it will ever be, it has the best 3rd party support, and still has reasonable hardware spec (even if the DAC and screen were sub-standard even when it was launched).

          Having said that, if cost wasn't an issue - it'd probably be the SGS3; on paper it's a great phone, Samsung have become the second most developer friendly brand after Google/Nexus.

      As for the question in the article. I waited until the SIII specs were released before I went and got the Nexus. I'm completely happy with it and wouldn't change.


      SII 4G stuck at 2.3.6.

      If you want updates, seems it's Nexus... or iPhone.

    Im with Telstra and I have the Google Nexus, and Im still waiting for my phone to be upgraded...still on the 4.0.1!!! Come On Telstra...pull your finger out!

      I am with Vodafone and I have the Galaxy Nexus, I am on JB 4.1.1 yo hoooo!!!! Just flash to yakju and get your updates from Google directly mate...

      I too am on a Galaxy Nexus on Telstra and decided to manage my own upgrades. Simply root the phone and you could be running Jelly Bean! (as I am now.)

      I nearly popped a vein when I found out my "pure Google" phone had been fiddled with by Telstra. I ended up flashing the official Google ROM on to it and I got Jelly Bean updated over the air a few days ago. Don't wait for Telstra. You can get the officiail ROM here:

    The Galaxy Nexus was my first android phone, and I personally can't wait to see the back of it. I have various little niggling complaints about it, but the screen quality is horrible when on anything lower than half brightness.

    I'd still go the Galaxy Nexus. At least then you're assured of getting the Android updates as soon as they're released.

    I have a Nexus and love it.

    However, gf used to work in a phone store and she said they were constantly struggling to sell the thing. There were constant price drops and special commissions offered to the sales people if they could sell them. I don't really know how that translates into real sales figures though.

    Are you crazy Kane, this is my first android phone, I used iPhone s for the last 4 years. It is amazing, I wouldn't even swap it for an SIII the only thing that would make me switch would be 4g

    It has been around since December at Telstra, but apart from possibly the SIII, in my opinion it is a great piece of hardware still.

    I have a Telstra GNex though and I won't ever be buying from them again. There support of the OS has forced me to update the ROM to a stock Google image just to get 4.0.4. Chances are, JB will never get pushed to the Telstra GNEx.

    I just don't understand Telstra. They're selling the 4G SGS II on plan *cheaper* than the older 3G version (after factoring in MRO and handset repayments). The Nexus (until yesterday) was cheaper than almost any other prime phone they sell. The SGS III and HTC One XL are $20 (on plan) dearer than anything else! Oh, and data allowances have been dropped as well.

    I got the One XL on $65 with 1.5GB of data just before the new plans rolled over and I am so glad I did. The plan is way better than what is available now and the device is amazing (HTC's software is not bad, better than what came with the Desire I had before it). I think I would have had 4G envy if I went with the Nexus, just waiting on XDA devs to get S-OFF then CM9/10 here we come!

    and people wonder why iphone is so popular... at least you don't see a model go away an be never updated after 8 months!!

      Yeah, I'm still on a BYO $50/mth +$10 PowerPack option which includes 1.5GB data - that option is now grandfathered so if I want to stay with Tel$tra and keep this plan, I have to buy my next handset outright (again). I wonder how long it is before the shine starts to wear off from the "superior coverage and network speeds" marketing hype and people start flocking away from Telstra to other, much cheaper telcos...

        Sorry - reply was intended for Rossco's post...

    I just got a Galaxy Nexus (upgrading from a Nexus One). I couldn't be happier. So much cheaper than than the SGSIII or One X and really doesn't feel that far behind. Jelly Bean soon makes it all the sweeter.

    Not sure if that has been pointed out by anyone else but Virgin are no longer listing the Nexus on their site, I assume they're also not selling in store either. Did get an OTA update to 4.04 last Friday though which is nice!

    I got my Galaxy Nexus from Telstra in December before I realised they messed with the firmware (yakjudv instead of yakju). It's good that they have dropped it as a contract phone as they never properly supported the device anyway (I had to flash yakju to get off 4.01). I spent some time through their complaints channel and the TIO and now I'm enjoying the phone contract free and rooted with 4.1.1 as of yesterday. Ill never make the mistake of buying a Nexus phone through Telstra again.


      Any advice on how to go about this?

      I lodged a complaint with Telstra but they did absolutely nothing. What should I say to the TIO?

    Well I chose the HTC One XL over the SGS3.. so I guess that would be over the GNexus too.

    In the age of quad core CPU's, gigs of ram, and big HD screens. The Nexus is already quite outdated. I can't imagine they would be selling many when you have the likes of iPhones, GS3's and OneX's to contend with. Kogan are practically giving away their nexus's

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