Telstra Is Throwing A Safety Net To Its 2500 Infected DNSChanger Customers

Telstra Is Throwing A Safety Net To Its 2500 Infected DNSChanger Customers

By now you probably know what DNSChanger is and that the FBI has already turned off the reclaimed DNS servers that routed users back to the internet. Here’s what you don’t know: Telstra is throwing its customers who still haven’t changed their DNS settings a rope, by redirecting them around the problem. Sigh.

There’s so much wrong with this. These people have had months to change their DNS settings back to normal, and the blanket media coverage that this piece of malware has generated, and the simplicity of actually checking to see if you’re infected means that there’s no reason you shouldn’t have figured out that you’re one of the unlucky 6000 infected by DNSChanger and fixed it by now. According to Telstra, the number of infected users it’s carrying is around 2500.

If you haven’t realised you’re it, you’re downright irresponsible and don’t deserve to be operating a computer. People this silly need to get off our internet until they’ve learnt their lesson.

Telstra’s not doing anyone any favours by swaddling them in blankets and giving them a biscuit. It’s malware. It’s real and it’s everywhere. Mother telco won’t be around next time someone asks them for their credit card details or steals their identity to take out a new loan. It’s luring these users into a false sense of online security, and it’s wrong.

It’s not like the telco hasn’t been trying to get in touch with these customers either. In my eyes, these users have had their chance.

It’s time to let your customers grow up, Telstra. [Telstra]