Telstra Has Train Tunnel Coverage, Too

It's a good day for train commuters: Optus this morning announced that it had drop-out free coverage, and now Telstra has made its network support on trains official, too.

Telstra today switched on its underground train network that brings Next G connectivity between Central and North Sydney, as well as in the city's CBD stations, including Town Hall and Wynyard.

Telstra has been testing underground coverage around Sydney for the last few weeks in connection. Today's announcement reveals the fact that the trials were actually in connection with Railcorp and the NSW State Government.

Image: Epping image by CitySider, CC BY-2.0



    Yay, now more people can have annoyingly loud and pointless phone conversations on the train - "Yeah, I'm just on the train. Nah, I am about to go in the tunnel so I might lose you. Yeah, you still there? Yeah, I can hear you. Sweet. Anyway, I am about to get off, so I will talk to you later". Ffffffffffuuuuuuuu

      haha ... i might call call a mate of mine
      "hey, it's me........... good! nothing much. apparently the phone signal works in tunnels now so i wanted to test it.. can you hear me? ...................... and now?? .........................and now?? ...................... and now??..................yes! i'm in the tunnel now.. this is wild!

      Just got back from a week in Tokyo, absolute bliss, it's considered rude to use your mobile on the train, so nobody does and you can read your book in peace without some moron on a mobile shouting about fecesbook or twatter. Oh, and the trains run on time almost to the the second too.

    Bad day for Voda customers?

      every day is a bad day for Voda customers. I had no data in the Sydney CBD nearly every day last week. When I called up to complain before they even tried to look at the problem they gave me a 25% discount for 3 months. When the person in the Indian call centre started to troubleshoot with me she couldn't follow the steps or even tell me what I should be seeing on my screen. She got really angry with me because the menu setting that she was telling me should have been on the screen wasn't. Vodafone need to lie down in the corner quietly and die.

        u made my day i'm a indain too ;)

        Ben, I think you need to go to the TIO and tell them you're sick of VFs service and want out if it's really that bad

    Great day for the east. Perth train lines still have dropouts with every carrier.

      Yep... but not all of the east. Melbs is still coverage free in our tunnel... heck even some of the above ground lines are hopeless (telstra!)

        Here is Brisbane, were are only just building tunnels!

          *in - Allure, when will you have an edit feature?

    Cool. Hopefully Optus will now also offer service between Hurstville station and the city. That would be earth shattering!

    Coverage is only 50% of the problem. Gotta have connection on the net to. Everyone is twittering or reading the news then there is no connection available for people actually working...

      Well that's what they pay for when they buy access to the service...

    ill be curious to how well this works this afternoon.

      just as i expected, still drops out between the following stations
      circular quay - st james
      st james - museum
      museum - central

    You don't need data for Pocket Planes ... so I'm OK ...

      Hell yeah my fav train time waster of late. Surprised its taken so long for underground coverage

    What happened to enabling this technology in Melbourne??? - oohh yeah, our govenment cant pay for it and Optus/telstra cant afford to enable this

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