Sydney Girls Holding Stop-Motion Movie Feels Like I'm Being Incepted

If there were ever a social experiment that could rid you of a fear of talking to women, this is it. Orrin Hastings went around Sydney over the last three months and found 500 women to hold up an iPad to camera. Each time, the iPad would show a new frame in a stop motion movie. Whoa.

The video is insane watching when you think about it. Not only is there a new background location in the real world, but the foreground has a new girl holding the iPad in each shot. On top of that, there's something new going on in every frame on the iPad, too.

Don't worry, I can smell it too. It's your brain cooking.

Head over to Abe and Tell for the making-of this triply stop-motion. [Abeandtell via Reddit]

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