Swaag: Show Off Your Style On Your iPhone

Swaag: Show Off Your Style On Your iPhone

When you look good, you want other people to see you. And Swaag.it, a new fashion app, makes that happen.

What does it do?

Ignore just for a second that this app has an egregiously awful name. Swaag.it (I am having trouble saying that seriously) lets you upload photos of you in your finest duds, tag them with the brand, and share the pics on Facebook or Twitter.

Why do we like it?

I could spend hours browsing Pinterest and StyleCaster just looking at what people are wearing and getting ideas for myself. Along those same lines, Swaag.it lets you browse through other users’ outfit choices. You can tell people what you think of their style by giving them “Swaag”, (I mean, honestly) which comes in descriptive categories like “seaworthy” or “good jeans” or “sneakerhead”. You can battle any other user in a virtual game of Who Wore It Best by challenging their photos and asking other people which look is the flyest. Your closet will thank you.


Download this app for: iPhone (free)
The best: so many ideas
The worst: small community