Stunning Image Of US Supercarrier Skidding Over The Atlantic

This photo of aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman is incredible -- and it looks like a lot of fun too. I imagine the helmsman pushing the rudder and whispering "wowwheeeee!"

According to J.D. Levite, our intern and ex-US Navy sailor who spent nine years in one of these carriers, "it's like a car skid, they ramp the carrier up to full power and then push the rudder to make it turn. That sort of turn usually results in a 10-15-degree list. It's not much compared to small ships that'll list 40-50 degrees, but huge for a carrier."

It is! Notice how you can see most of the ships' flank. Everything on the deck has to be tightly secured for this operation. Otherwise it would fall off into the water.

The photo was taken last Sunday, July 8, in the Atlantic Ocean. The USS Harry S. Truman is "conducting sea trials in collaboration with Norfolk Naval Shipyard to train Sailors and ensure operability of equipment and systems while at sea." [Flickr]

Photo: Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Kristina Young


    Was this guy a failed pilot or something? Half his posts are just plane/military porn.

    Everything ON THE deck has to be tightly secured for this operation. Otherwise it would fall off into the water.

    What is the purpose of such a maneuver in a combat situation ? I would of guessed that a aircraft carrier would be to large to make any worthwhile evasive maneuvers.

      You obviously havent seen Battleship then! They can literally turn on a dime especially when using the anchor!!!

      Avoiding other ships if headed for a collision maybe?

        This manoeuvre has legitimate combat purposes, for example it is used to minimise the damage from in inbound missile or bombs from the side the deck is tilted towards - e.g. it can avoid the hull being breached near the water line which is what modern antiship missiles are optimised for. Going hard to one side can also improve the aspect ratio for some defensive systems. And of course, sometimes collisions need to be avoided :-)

    Umm.. "Everything not he deck"
    Giz needs to employ someone who knows basic English to read over this stuff

    I am just amazed at the power of nuclear power. It can drive this aircraft carrier around the world housing 5,000 people and about 40 jets etc for 20 years carrying without re-fueling, just amazing.

      Don't forget the many millions of gallons of avgas, food and whatnot that has to be resupplied quite regularly. Lotsa bucks to run one of these things and there's like, more than one.. :)

    Sea trials is a test of the vessel which is designed to test everything & push the vessel to its limits. Usually done before handing over after construction or after a major refit.

    If I'm not mistaken they then do the same thing in reverse, ie full astern.

    If a boat is beamy enough, the hull shape will actually help the turn to be smaller in radius when the boat is listing. This property is used by kayakers as a normal part of turning a longer kayak design such as a sea kayak.

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