Some People Think Mountain Lion Is Steve Jobs

The current rumour now ramping through the internet is so dumb, so painfully stupid that Steve Jobs must be rolling in his grave: apparently, tonnes of irreversible imbeciles in Facebook and Twitter are saying that Apple's Mountain Lion image is based on the Jobs' biography cover picture, as an homage to Apple's former leader.

Yes, folks, actual human beings are saying that Apple created or modified a mountain lion image to make it look like Steve Jobs. Forget about the fact that, unless you are deluded fanboy conspiracy theorist in serious need of electroshocks to your frontal lobe, it doesn't look at all like Steve Jobs. This is so impossibly idiotic that it's not letting me think straight except to say this: please fanbozos, stop embarrassing everyone with your imbecile fanboyism.

It's not funny anymore.

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