Solar: A More Beautiful And Intuitive Way To Check The Weather

The iPhone's native weather app does its job well enough. But why use that to see the forecast when something so beautiful as Solar exists?

What does it do?

Just released today, Solar gives you the weather in a wonderfully designed, intuitive app.

Why do we like it?

It's gorgeous, with background colour schemes that were designed to resemble a Rothko as well as reflecting the current state of weather in the city you're checking on. But it also just makes sense. Launching the app brings up weather for the city you're currently located in. Drag your finger up the screen and it cycles through the conditions for the next 24 hours. Swipe downward and it shows the three-day forecast. Then pinch to zoom out and see the other cities you've added to your list, represented by colourful, Windows Phone-esque tiles. Lacking ads and overly-technical data, Solar is radiant, chromatic, and delightfully stripped down to give you those vital details before you step outside.


Download this app for:

The Best:

Gorgeous interface

The Worst:

You might care about humidity, pollen count, etc.

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