Sleep Week: The Best In Sleep Tech

Sleep Week: The Best In Sleep Tech

Everyone loves a good, refreshing sleep. You need it to survive, but is it possible to improve the sleep you’re already getting with technology? This is the best in sleep tech.

Remote-Controlled Light Bulb

A good sleep session can get off on the wrong foot so easily. You’ve just gotten comfortable and found that perfect nook in which to wedge your body, so that you get a great bit of shut-eye, before you realise that you’ve left your light on. Grumbling and moaning accompanies your mission to go and turn it off, because you know deep down you’ll never find that nook again. You wouldn’t have had this problem if you can control your lightbulb with your smartphone, which you can now do.

It’s $US29.99 and it’s available from INSTEON. You’re welcome.

Floating Mattress

There are so many different types of mattresses out there, it’s tough to decide on just one. Soft, hard, in-between: which do you choose when they all feel vaguely comfy? There’s probably one you haven’t tried, and this one floats.

With the aid of magnets and science, the bed is levitated off the ground using two rare earth magnets and a steel cable to keep it all from floating away. Not bad.

Lucid Dreaming Goggles

About to be eaten by a giant pink shark? Falling down a bottomless pit? Chances are you’re dreaming, but what if you could control those dreams? With the lucid dreaming goggles, you can!

It’s a pair of goggles that work by flashing two red LED lights in your eyes during your REM sleeping cycle. These lights then make you aware of your dream state, allowing you to control the scenario. Yes please.

A Pillow That Knows When You’re Sad

Nothing keeps you awake like a bad break-up or a serious loss in your life. Crying yourself to sleep is never fun, but this pillow can help take the sting out of what you’re feeling.

It’s got a moisture sensor that detects your tears and plays you a song or a recording to comfort you. Creepy or sweet? You decide. [imgclear]

Program Your Dreams

It used to only be in movies that you could pick and choose what you dreamt about in your slumber. Now it’s available for us mere mortals, if this app is to be believed. [imgclear]

Zeo Mobile

There are a whole bunch of devices out there that promote better living. Devices like the Fitbit or the now defunct Jawbone Up band that detect when you’re getting good sleep by monitoring your movements in bed. The Zeo Mobile is different, though. Instead of tracking movement with an accelerometer, it tracks brainwaves.

That’s certainly a better value proposition than something that doesn’t know the difference between me sleeping and me getting up to go to the bathroom.

Image: danielfoster437