Sleek, Practical and Green: Watch This Man Build A $10 Recycled Cardboard Bicycle

So you bought yourself a cardboard helmet a few years back and have been waiting for the opportunity to pair it with a bicycle of similar construction? If this (somehow) sounds like you, then the man you need to talk to is Israelite Izhar Gafni, who regularly transforms $10 worth of reinforced paper into two-wheeled vehicles.

As you can see in the clip, the majority of the bike is made of cardboard, however, Gafni adds a coat of paint for aesthetics purposes -- and probably to help protect it against the elements. In addition, a rubber ring is fitted around each wheel, though sourcing recycled ones is entirely possible. It can support weights of up to 140kg, which is more than sufficient to carry the average person and will happily soldier on in hot, cold or wet conditions.

Sadly, unless you're willing to do the work yourself, a 'board bike like Gafni's would set you back anywhere up to $US90, the artisan says. On the other hand, if your Stanley knife skills are up to snuff, then you might be able to transform $10 of cardboard into a similar product. If you do, be sure to drop us an email!

[Vimeo, via NoCamels]

Video: Giora Kariv


    In the seminal sci fi book Neuromancer by William Gibson. Was a cardboard bike with a proximity alarm. Where can I get the shark teeth implants?

      nah the bike made from paper rolled into tubes and then painted by the owner with fake rust is from the bridge triogly

    Virtual Light
    But her bike is there, on B-1, behind a column of nicked concrete.
    “Back off” it says when she’s five feet away. Not loud, like a car, but it sounds like it means it.
    Under its coat of spray-on imitation rust and an artful bandaging of silver duct-tape, the geometry of the paper-cored, carbonwrapped frame makes Chevette’s thighs tremble. She slips her left hand through the recognition-loop behind the seat. There’s a little double zik as the particle-brakes let go, then she’s up and off it.
    It’s never felt better, as she pumps up the oil-stained ramp and out of there.

    Yes, it uses $10 worth of cardboard, but the many, many hours of labour that went in to making it would negate the cheap cost of materials.

    Did i miss read this, I can get one of these build for 90.00 US? if so how?

    Let's hope he doesn't get the bright idea to make an air
    conditioner out of his skull using a power drill.

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