Sip Your Espresso Out Of A Tiny Rocket

Aside from taste, the point of drinking espressos is that you want to blast off with all the fuel caffeine provides. These adorable rocket espresso cups allow you to express that quite literally.

Each mini-rocket costs $US40, which is a little steep for a glorified ceramic thimble, but the cost doesn't negate the fact that they're pretty cute. I mean, come on, it sits on its little fins. And it gets bonus points for being made with a 3D printer. They hold 60mL each, or enough for a single shot of espresso. So if you're particularly tired, you might be filling up a few times a day. In my imagination, this is what Neil Armstrong is sipping from. [Shapeways via SwissMiss via Uncrate]


    " quite literally "
    What? Really? Blast off with a cup?
    My definition of literally is literally very different from Leslie's idea of the word.

    That said, they're a cute cup but only an idiot would pay $40 for a tiny cup that only holds 60ml.

    30mL is a single shot of espresso, 60mL is a double

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