Signal Blocking iPad Case Disables The Tablet's Most Useful Feature

Clearly targeted at the tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorists, this anti-radiation tablet case promises to keep harmful invisible rays from escaping the device. But while it might keep you protected, it also means nothing can reach your tablet, including wireless internet signals.

It's certainly not the first case to promise to block any and all wireless signals — harmful or not — but past offerings have served as a way to keep your device quiet while it's sitting in your pocket. This case, on the other hand, actually lets you use your tablet, but without being able to check email, surf the web, or download new apps and content. If you were really worried about tablet use being a source of cancer, you probably wouldn't buy a device like this in the first place. So who's willing to spend $US10 on a case like this? It's kind of like buying a screen protector that blocks half the display.

Also, does anyone want to take a crack at deciphering the last icon in the upper left corner of this product shot? The wireless and iPad images are fairly obvious, but the cactus in a teacup — what feature is that promoting?

[Chinavasion via Chip Chick]



    seems like a Faraday bag, soft version of a Faraday cage.
    Similar products are used by law enforcement on phones so they can't be wiped remotely.

    Similar effect to wrapping an iPad in foil or other enclosing metal container.
    Best if earthed.

    Everybody knows Aloe Vera has some remarkable healing properties. You know what else has remarkable healing properties? Green tea, and other herbals teas. You want to know what else has remarkable healing properties? Not firing x-rays or gamma rays of government sponsored higgs bosons at your testicles and/or ovaries while playing angry birds.

    I think the third icon is fairly self explanatory, really.

      This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    Airplane mode?

    Many of the electronic devices we use give off EMF (ElectroMagnetic Frequencies) that negatively affect us. Although it doesn't necessarily mean we're going to get cancer, but it means it'll cause fatigue, anxiety, headaches, brain fog, tiredness, etc. Those alone can weaken our immune system, and when we're expose to those frequencies daily... it can greatly fuck up our health over extended periods of time.

    People don't know this because people simply do not care. The fact that McDonald's exist across planet Earth shows you that humans simply don't give a fuck about their health. I'm in fat lard America, everyone is chomping down on burgers and fries 24/7, and they're not worried in the slightest bit. The ONLY thing they care about is not looking fat, so they take half assed dietry plans that barely work.


    Last icon, you can 'sip' at your ipad without being stung (by the radiation)

    Attention: You have every TV channel, FM station, AM station as well as any nearby CB radio or local base station tracking signals interacting with your

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