Should Your Kitchen Appliances Be Pieces Of Modern Art?

Should Your Kitchen Appliances Be Pieces Of Modern Art?

An American metalworks shop in Savannah, Georgia, created this custom one-of-a-kind rangehood for a client, turning one of artist Andy Warhol’s most recognisable pieces into a kitchen appliance that serves as the focal point for the entire room.

But just like Warhol’s work, this rangehood was met with both critiques and huzzahs from the Gizmodo staff. Here’s how it was received, with much scepticism, in our chatroom:

Andrew L. andy warhol range hood, from a custom range hood builder

Should Your Kitchen Appliances Be Pieces Of Modern Art?


Harry S. i would not want that range hood, and i need a range hood


fight fight fight

Andrew L. I’m with joe, but that’s probably obvious since I dropped the pic

Leslie H. i’d get sick of it

Michael Z. #teamharry

Joe I would install it in the summer place

J.D. if it came with a grilled cheese stove, i’d be all over it

Andrew L. I mean you’d have to keep the rest of the kitchen pretty minimal to compensate

Joe You should keep your kitchen minimal anyway

Harry S. now, I would not have this morning’s smoky pancake griddle and the subsequent haze throughout the apartment

*rather have

Andrew L. mmmm, pancake haze

that’s smog I can endorse

Joe just saying, anything can be the focal point of your kitchen. Why not a pop art icon?

Harry S. but I would really prefer the range hood to not be more noticeable than the smoke itself

Joe but we can do an unedited on this range hood

Harry S. if you can afford a range hood, period, just be discreet about it before some smoky pancake thug kitchenjacks it

Andrew L. k

Joe you want people to notice your hood more than your culinary ineptitude is all I’m sayin harry

Michael Z. burn, but that’s OK because your fugly rangehood will suck up the smoke

So what do you think? Is this mashup of pop art and utilitarian gadgetry a win or a complete eyesore that will have people questioning your design sensibilities?

[Bastille Metal Works via Coudal Partners]