Should Google Have Fired This Newly-Hired Redditor For Posting Pictures Of His Uniform?

On Friday afternoon, an anonymous Redditor posted a follow-up to a thread he'd since deleted, explaining that Google had fired him for posting pictures of his company uniform.

About the non-disclosure agreement, he writes:

"I thought it applied to what we were doing during training. Which makes sense, because they gave it to us before we were trained. AFTER training, they told us, go and tell people about the exciting product you represent. Even tho I didnt really talk much about the product, I did mention where we will be selling them, apparently the NDA about not talking or posting anything was still in effect."

Is is fair for Google to have him fired for this? More importantly, Anonymous Redditor, if you see this, get in touch! We want to hear from you. [Reddit]



    This article is rather annoying. He didn't get fired for posting the photo of his uniform, but for what he wrote with it. He was fired for breaking the NDA he signed. Fairly typical of modern tech news.

    Of course. Redditors in the follow up thread even pointed out that he broke the rule of the contract.

    He violated the Non-Disclosure Agreement when he was describing in detail what he would be doing (including product details that hadn't been announced before I/O)
    It wasn't just the fact he posted a photo of his uniform.

      Sadly, that was actually a response to my question.

        Not your fault though.
        He knew he signed a NDA and chose to answer the question.

    The "for posting pictures of his uniform" part isn't true.

    Bad journalism on behalf o f the author. It seems like she just looked at the top post on Reddit and wrote a quick hundred words on it, without reading the comment thread, checking the story or anything. I hate to be 'that guy', but the quality of Gizmodo posts have really started to drop, moreso than normal.

    All in all, he violated his NDA, which is grounds for termination. Simple.

    Man, that would suck super hard. Hired by Google only to get yourself fired just after training.

    Google - Stay Evil !

      If someone working for me violated an NDA I'd fire their arse too. Does that make me evil? Doubt it.

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