Scientists Find Molecule That Will Make Your Teeth Cavity-Proof

Scientists have discovered a new molecule that will make your teeth cavity-proof and change dental care forever. They have appropriately named it Keep 32 -- for your 32 teeth -- and it can kill the bacteria that produces cavities in 60 seconds flat.

Researchers at Yale University and the Universidad de Santiago, Chile, claim that this molecule can be added to any dental care product, from toothpaste to mouthwash. In fact, they say it can be added to anything, even lollies and chewing gum.

As long as the product stays in your mouth for 60 seconds, it will eliminate the dreadful Streptococcus mutans, making your tooth cavity-proof for a number of hours.

They started the research in 2005, and now they are aiming to have the product in the market within 18 months. Once they go through human safety trials in the United States, they want to license the patent to dental care manufacturers, like Colgate and Procter & Gamble, as well as confectionary companies like Hershey's and Cadbury.

If the Evil League of Dentists don't kill them first, that is. [ -- in Spanish]

Image: Kurhan/Shutterstock

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    where did i put my soda??

      Im a dentist David,
      So keep drinking Soda cos it's the acid, not the sugar in the soda that will keep you coming back to me!

        Dr Dave, you're obviously not in the trade to make a difference to the smiles of the world, you're in it for the CA-CHING!

        who cares whether its the acid or the sugar?

          The sugar would feeds bacteria that causes tooth decay. Which is what this new molecule combats.
          The acid causes decay in and of itself, which is something this molecule can do nothing to prevent

    for the same reasons we will never see cheap, main stream alternatives to oil burning internal combustion engines until oil runs out - this tech will never see the light of day.

      I don't see why not, It can be added to toothpaste and other products. I'd say that will be another good gimmick for selling anything we put in our mouths.

        If a toothpaste (say) is so effective that we need to brush less often, we'll use less of it, which results in lower sales and is therefore unprofitable.

        This tech will be purchased by P&G and put in the same "never to be marketed" vault as the rights to the sonic washing machine. Why would they permit a machine to be manufactured that doesn't need their laundry consumables?

          Disagree.. you still need to brush and just as often (it's not a panacea) just another marketing tool. People will buy the product that adds to their ability to keep their teeth in their head.

          Could be pretty profitable for a company that hasn't entered the dental care segment yet :)

          Actually the molecule is only effective for a few ours before the bacteria re-establish, so you will need to brush every few hours to totally prevent decay due to the bacteria. I'm asuming that means at least twice a day. Additionally given there is now guaranteed prevention from using it, there is more of an incentive not to skip brushing.

    i seem to read these articles every 5 years or so, yet my teeth are still slowly falling out of head.

    ...and my dentist gently weeps...

    Dentists already have a high suicide rate, expect it to continue now they can't afford their Porsches now.

      haha, You'll know its bad when your dentist rocks up in a commodore omega..

    Could come in handy for al those Collingwood supporters.

    Does this mean that they can stop putting fluoride in my tap water?

      yes but you'll have to keep the foil hat on for now.

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