Scientist Creates Pizza Healthy Enough To Eat Three Times A Day, Every Day

Pizza is so good that most of us would be happy to eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner, if it weren't for the fact that it was more than a little unhealthy. But now a scientist has created what he claims is the first nutritionally balanced pizza -- and it's OK to eat it three times a day, every day.

The pizza, claims Mike Lean from Glasgow University, UK, contains 30 per cent of an adult's guideline amount of vitamins and minerals, as well as a third of the recommended amount of calories, protein and carbohydrate.

Lean, inspired by the poor nutritional quality of most convenience foods, set out to create a pizza that offered the perfect balance of nutrients. As a result, some of the toppings might take you by surprise:

"I researched the market and found that seaweed was an interesting new ingredient being used in artisan bread. So we used that as a way of reducing the salt level. The sodium content of seaweed is about 3.5 per cent compared to 40 per cent in salt. There's iodine in there, vitamin B12, all sorts of things. And the flavour is excellent as well."

Elsewhere, the tomato sauce contains extra red pepper for a boost of vitamin C, and each pizza features extra magnesium, potassium, folates and vitamin A. All told, each pizza contains the exact proportions of calories, proteins, fat, carbohydrate and nutrients to make it a single, meal-sized way to obtain 30 per cent of your recommended daily intake. Talking on BBC Radio 4's Today program this morning, Lean explained that it could be eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner with not a single negative health effect.

There's obviously one big question here though: how does it taste? Lean reassured listeners of Radio 4 that 100 taste testers said it was as good or better than other frozen pizzas available on the market. Still, some people won't have long to wait long before they find out for themselves; they go on sale in UK supermarkets later this year. [BBC]

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    Well, that takes the fun out it. What's the point if it's not good for you :P

    I think you're mistaken. They're describing this as "Lean Food" because it's food created by Mike Lean

    They should post the recipe if people want to create this pizza themselves. I like a treat even better if it's not killing your health ...

      If they did that then how would they expect to make money from it? They're selling them as frozen pizzas in supermarkets.

    Nutritionally balanced... Glasgow university.

    Something about that doesn't seem right

      Simple, each Pizza contains 30 percent of a Glasgow adults nutritional guidelines obviously. That probably makes it less healthy than a normal pizza. Similarly it tastes as good as any Glasgow frozen pizza, and Glasgow is famous for it's pizza....

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