Samsung's Top TV Will Cost You Over $10,000 And An Entire Wall

Samsung's arguably carried the crown of biggest, most beautiful TV screens for some time now -- and if you've got $US10,000, you can now buy the biggest, most beautiful, super-skinny of them all. This is a giant HDTV slice.

The ES9000 features an expansive 75-inch screen with full HD and the obligatory 3D capabilities in just a 3.3mm bezel. The series utilises Samsung's proprietary micro-dimming and black-enhancing technology that provides "the highest contrast ratio on a Samsung Smart TV to date; a 30 per cent improvement in sharpness and black levels; and a 60 per cent improvement in brightness levels over the ES8000 series-supporting larger screen sizes and longer viewing distances," according to a company statement. Which will be necessary given that a screen that size is likely going to reflect any and all glare in the room.

The ES9000 is being positioned as a potent entertainment and communications device. The set's razor-thin bezel conceals an integrated camera for Skype calls (which can be easily disabled when not in use, keep your 1984 hats on). It also includes Samsung's Smart software suite -- Smart Interaction, which replaces many controller-based commands with voice recognition and hand gestures; Smart Content, which allows premium content sharing between handheld devices and the TV; and Smart Evolution, which will silently keep the set's firmware up to date. In addition, the ES9000 is designed to automatically connect to a Series 6 or Series 7 wireless audio system over Bluetooth. You'll of course pay a premium to be first on your block with an ES9000 -- it will retail for a cool $US10,000 when it goes on sale in late August.

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    $10k!!! I think I'll stick with my $1200 projector which gives me a comfortable 110-inch screen (approx).

      thinking of going that route, how is it in ambient light?

        My old man has a top of the line (3 years ago) Epson projector. With a new bulb in it he can watch shows under normal lighting conditions -though blacks can look a little washed out. Just 50 hours in and he has to start closing the curtains. At about the 800 hour mark he's replacing the globe despite it have a few hundred hours left.

        Don't know if LED/LCD based projectors have the same problem but I'm sure some one with a newer model will provide their 2 cents.

        I just got an Epson TW3500 and it's fine in a normal ambient light filled room. Obviously better if you can cut out some of the light, but it is more than visible and imo, worth every cent!!! It would be even better if I was using a screen of some sort instead of projecting directly onto the everyday off-white painted wall.

      Same here. Have been enjoying a 3.2m (wide not Diagonal) 1080p screen for the past year. Some quick calc tells me I have a 144in screen...

      DAVE, You can not seriously compare the contrast, colour & motion technology of the high end LED screens against any projector manufacturer out there. Sharps 80" next generation screens are rilliant. 4x HDMI , quattron technology, 200HZ AND IT GOES ON...........I would take quality over 30" anyday of the week.

    You guys have really small walls if 75" is a whole wall.

    Also without OLED or 4k, it seems like you're paying all that money for state of the art "smart tv" features an Xbox or PS3 would beat.

      I agree. I bought samsungs 65" for over $5K and i wont upgrade until 4k. nice tv if you want something over 55"

    Ouch! That would pay for a lot of movie tickets.

    At 75" you'd need to sit back a fair way to avoid seeing pixel separation. I can't see this sort of size picking up for home theatre until 4k becomes the norm.

    can you imagine standard def on that !

    Honestly, 75" is not that big anymore.

    Thing is also, these 1080p 75" + screens will plumet in price once 4k screens become more comon in the marketplace. I'm quite happy with my 65" Samsung, it'll definitely keep me going until 4k screens become affordable.

    At a standard viewing distace of 10ft you can only just start noticing pixels at 1080p from a 77" display. And thats if you have perfect 20/20 vision. 4k is over-rated and unnecessary for home use... unless you have eagle vision.

    You'd hope the Skype camera could be angled down. Otherwise you mates would be chatting to your light fittings.

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