Samsung's Top TV Will Cost You Over $10,000 And An Entire Wall

Samsung's arguably carried the crown of biggest, most beautiful TV screens for some time now — and if you've got $US10,000, you can now buy the biggest, most beautiful, super-skinny of them all. This is a giant HDTV slice.

The ES9000 features an expansive 75-inch screen with full HD and the obligatory 3D capabilities in just a 3.3mm bezel. The series utilises Samsung's proprietary micro-dimming and black-enhancing technology that provides "the highest contrast ratio on a Samsung Smart TV to date; a 30 per cent improvement in sharpness and black levels; and a 60 per cent improvement in brightness levels over the ES8000 series-supporting larger screen sizes and longer viewing distances," according to a company statement. Which will be necessary given that a screen that size is likely going to reflect any and all glare in the room.

The ES9000 is being positioned as a potent entertainment and communications device. The set's razor-thin bezel conceals an integrated camera for Skype calls (which can be easily disabled when not in use, keep your 1984 hats on). It also includes Samsung's Smart software suite — Smart Interaction, which replaces many controller-based commands with voice recognition and hand gestures; Smart Content, which allows premium content sharing between handheld devices and the TV; and Smart Evolution, which will silently keep the set's firmware up to date. In addition, the ES9000 is designed to automatically connect to a Series 6 or Series 7 wireless audio system over Bluetooth. You'll of course pay a premium to be first on your block with an ES9000 — it will retail for a cool $US10,000 when it goes on sale in late August.

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