Samsung: Apple Refused To Negotiate 3G Patent Licenses

As another legal case between Apple and Samsung kicks off here in Australia, it's come to light that Apple reportedly refused to enter into negotiations with Samsung over essential patent licenses for 3G technology included on the iPhone and iPad.

The lawsuit is a complex one, including claims and counter-claims by Apple and Samsung over patents relating to touchscreen and 3G data transmission. But announcements in court today suggest that Samsung attempted to enter into negotiations with Apple in fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory (FRAND) terms -- and Apple refused to cooperate. Though it's just another in a long list, it seems particularly poor form on Apple's part. [Computerworld]


    Didn't the Australian Judge ask them to go back and work it out?

    Gee, what a surprise.

    Apple really need to grow up. Bludgeoning others with lawsuits while ignoring their own requirements, it's pathetic.

    Next Apple will claim the proposed price was anything but fair, and 99% of the public will just randomly pick the side they like. Hooray.


      This is the most accurate statement I have heard about technology this month.

      Um, you know this is a lawsuit bought on by Samsung don't you? So shouldn't your comments state:

      Samsung really need to grow up. Bludgeoning others with lawsuits while ignoring their own requirements, it’s pathetic.

    Google should come up with some other brand new way of using a mobile device rather than just keeping similar concept with iOS. The Google Glass is a nice attempt.

    And Samsung built their Ipad's display.

    For years I considered myself an Apple fanboy. I still cant see myself suffering Windows - especially having played with Windows 8 - but Im happily now using a Galaxy S3 which is a great phone which will only get better with Jelly Bean. As nice as the Nexus 7 is I think the iPad still rules the tablet roost - but Apple are at risk of getting left behind.

    Perhaps if everybody spent more on developing 'insanely great' products and less on lawyers we might all be better off...

    One thing you seemed to have missed here. Apple buy their 3G chips from Foxconn. Foxconn pay licensing fees to manufacture 3G technology to Samsung. So Samsung want to double dip with their licensing fees now? Typical. Apple have paid for licensed technology, but thats not good enough for Samsuck. Would anyone like to explain how samsuck can ask for licensing fees for a product already licensed?

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