Sacrilege: Coca-Cola Will Soon Be Sold In Bottle-Shaped Eco-Friendly Plastic Bags

Apparently in many parts of Central America, expensive soda drinks like Coca-Cola are served up in plastic zip-lock bags -- instead of glass or plastic bottles -- so they're more affordable. And so the iconic and highly recognisable shape of the Coke bottle isn't lost, the sugar water maker has created these Coca-Cola bags as a low-cost alternative to its traditional packaging.

Besides being cheaper to produce, and probably even cheaper to ship, the Coca-Cola bags are supposedly more eco-friendly than plastic bottles, and even glass bottles and cans which require quite a bit of energy to recycle.

So what do you think? Would you drink Coke out of a plastic bag? There are many cola connoisseurs who claim that Coca-Cola just tastes better out of a glass bottle, and would probably turn their noses up at this idea. But if it's better for the environment, maybe the company should start distributing these in North America as well. [YouTube via PSFK]


    I've had this same experience in The Philippines. They use a funnel and a plastic bag, pour the content in, add a straw and the drink is yours. There its because the deposit in the glass bottle is worth more than the caramel liquid inside.

    What I'm unsure of is why the bottling companies in the developing world are turning away from glass. Glass is so much better, keeps the drink colder, and much easier to reuse instead of recycle.

      Haha we used to call them plastic coke in Manila!

      Because glass is heavy and added weight adds cost to shipping?

      Glass is actually far more expensive to produce initially, plus the cost to reclaim is high, so plastic is always going to be a cheaper option for large scale manufacturing...

    Meh.. Don't drink that battery acid anyway.!

      Battery acid.. Try anti-rust, aka phosphoric acid!

      It's no more acidic than the acid in your own stomach. You could clean a truck engine just as efficiently by barfing on it and hosing it off I am sure. Well....maybe....

        Yes but the acid is in your stomach, not washing across your teeth stripping it of enamel!

      and yet you're here...

        He's making a comment on the nature of the stuff, he's allowed to do that! Why did you bother?

          No, he came into the comments of an article about something he doesn't drink, simply to tell us he doesn't drink it. Pretty friggin useless.

            No, I wanted to make a statement about the poor health indications of drinking this crap, as the poster after. Your comment is just vindictive!

    Putting cold drinks of ANY kind into ordinary plastic bags for takeaway (not even zip-lock - they tie it up with a piece of plastic raffia) is pretty well standard procedure throughout South-East Asia. Usually it includes a few chunks of ice too.

    Cheap and nasty, just another way to boost cokes profits AND appear to be green at the same time. Lucky I don't drink the junk

      Huh, no its to make it cheap enough for them to be able to sell the real thing direct to people there, rather than unscrupulous vendors doing it themselves for profit - which is also one of the leading causes of tourists getting food poisoning.

      Though I suppose you're right in one way.. Coke DOES want to make money... Those greedy bastards?

    Nowhere near as funny as Canadians having milk in bags.

      That's exactly what I thought. Sounds no different than Canadian milk. Not sure where all the doubters are coming from, the coke you get from a fast food joint is made from the same syrup, not a singular bottle.

      Milk in Australia used to be delivered in bags like wine is now. Bulk milk and cream still is in 10 or 20L bags.

    Coke in a bag , that's not a stand up type of packaging ......

    Nothing beats coke from a cold can or glass bottle.

    Worst coke I ever had was in Tijuana Mexico, served up in some dodgy joint I wasn't sure I would walk out of alive. It was like one of those movie moments where the place went silent, and regular patrons stared at me when I walked in and ordered something other than alcohol. I skulled the coke from the dirty looking plastic cup so I could get out of there quickly, and it was warm, flat and half the strength it should be with a strange bitter aftertaste. I thought I might have been drugged at first, but no such luck :)

    Coke should only come in a can or Glass bottle. nothing else


        I like it how you didn't actually +1 (up vote) his comment. It's almost post-ironic in a way usually only twitter can provide.

    All soda tastes better with sugar opposed to high fructose corn syrup, in fact I came back from D.R. and tried a sprite, and it was awful. So North America should switch first. And Canadians use a container where they put the bags of milk straight in, so if coca cola takes that concept somehow...

    If you watched the short, you would realise that that Coke are only replacing the bag at the POS, and Not manufacturing the bags with Coke in them as the article seems to infer.

    Having been wandering through those parts for the last 7 months [minus El Salvador, mind] I have yet to come across one of the new coke bags. Maybe they've all bio-degraded by the time the drinker tosses the bag onto the street?...

    Regardless, if it works I think it's a great initiative, even if it's just a part of another marketing campaign.

    Not really a big deal, just a boon from the branding and advertising point of view really. The green stuff is just spinning an extra angle for them.

    Nothink like a cheap bag of coke.....

    Screw that, I prefer it in the bottle. No chance I'll buy this lol would rather give up caffine entirely

    100% taste better in glass bottle.
    Plastic is not ECO friendly,
    Plastic cause more damage then glass.

      Plastic uses less energy, and therefore reduces the amount of CO2 released, to make, transport and then recycle than glass. Please substantiate your statement.

      Provide sources or it isn't true.

        why not send the bottles back to the factory, sterilise them and refill them? isn't that what they used to do?

          Only really for milk, and would you feel confident drinking a refreshing bottle of coke that for all you know was previously used to store petrol in (aka, indonesia) - or worse, that some fat guy pissed in, etc etc..

          All told anyway with the cost of retrieving and paying people to actually give the bottles back to you, then processing them.. You're looking at negligible gains at all if any.

          These bags are incredibly thin plastic, and as the other comments say, people already take the bottles and put them in bags, which means there's BOTH for ONE drink all to let some street vendor make more profit.

    1st world solution in a 3rd world country. All coke cares about is the brand.

    I prefer a can over any kind of bottle, just seems to be more carbonated/ "fresher".

    "Everybody should be able to Open Happiness" - sometimes marketing people make me want to throw-up a little

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