Rumourmodo: Samsung Launching Surface Competitors In October?

Bloomberg is reporting that Samsung is planning to launch its own Windows RT tablets in October, which would see it pitting its wares against Microsoft's new Surface.

According to the Bloomberg report, the new devices will use Qualcomm's Snapdragon ARM chip — not the company's own Exynos ARM chips. While that may sound strange, Qualcomm revealed earlier this year that its chips were ready to work with Windows RT and already in production, which suggests Samsung was slow to respond to Microsoft's new offering.

If Samsung's existing tablet range is anything to go by, you could expect to see RT tablets in sizes suitable for everyone — right down to the nearest tenth of an inch.

More seriously, though, it's interesting to hear that Samsung might be planning to tackle Microsoft in the Windows RT arena, especially given that HP has gone so far as to announce that it will be shying away from the fight. Bloomberg reports that Samsung will aim to release its Windows RT tablets in October, the same month we expect Microsoft to start selling the Surface.

That would mean that Samsung will have some stiff compeition in the shape of the Surface — a device which promises a great deal. It will be interesting to see how Microsoft performs against seasoned hardware manufacturers. [Bloomberg]



    Microsoft aren't trying to beat their partners, they're trying to push them to make better devices.

    HP couldn't make an inspiring hardware item to save their life and bowed out.

    "which suggests Samsung was slow to respond" - I would say it suggests that MS is doing a Windows Phone with WinRT: severe hardware limitations to ensure a consistent experience and compatibility. Samsung would obviously prefer to use their own gear - maybe they can do a Nokia and cut a deal with MS? :--P

    "It will be interesting to see how Microsoft performs against seasoned hardware manufacturers." They seem to be doing OK vs. Sony and Nintendo...

    Anyway, I'm glad to see manufacturing interest in WinRT. Having recently tried out Win8, I've realised I don't need touch on my AIO but I will want it in tablet form, which is where Surface RT (or a competing product...) will come in.

    If priced right I think the RT tablets will sell better than tablets with the full version of Windows 8 especially since the RT will have Office built in. For the general population I think RT will be the choice and Pro for enterprise. Samsung have the right idea as RT will be directly competing with Android and iOS and therefore they are making sure that they maintain market share by given users the choice of Android and RT.

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