Rumoured iPad Mini's Size Compared To iPad, Nexus 7 And Kindle Fire

The whispers and smoke and noise about the rumoured iPad mini -- an iPad that would be 7.85 inches in screen size -- are definitely getting louder. It's by no means real yet, but the iPad mini could very well be an actual thing. But what would it look like?

Tweeter TrojanKitten points out that unlike the twinsies nature of the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire, the iPad mini would house a different form factor from its 7-inch contemporaries with a different-sized screen.

The rumoured iPad mini would very probably definitely share the same 4:3 aspect ratio of the current iPad, which (among other reasons) would call for a 7.85-inch screen as opposed to the flat 7-inch screen of the Kindle Fire and Nexus 7. So though in name the iPad Mini might be a "7-inch tablet", the rumoured dimensions of it have it as nearly 40 per cent larger than 7-inch tablets and two-thirds the size of the original iPad. That means the iPad mini is still a pretty decent amount bigger than the 7-inch tablets Google and Amazon have been clamouring to make. Is that small enough or would that still be too big? Only Apple knows for now. [TrojanKitten Yfrog via Daring Fireball]



    What a bunch of idiots! If they make a smaller tablet that still won't fit into a coat of back (trouser) pocket, what is the point? They can't possibly be that stupid, can they?

      Haha..... I get jokes.

      No seriously. This sounds like something Apple would do. They will brag about how its bigger than the other 7 inch tablets and stuff when people don't want a big chunky 7 inch tablet, kinda defeats the purpose IMO

      and 7.85 inches is too close to 8 to call it a 7 inch tablet.

      We all know you hate Apple especially the iPad as you think it's a useless toy. For allot of people it has enriched their lives and provided to be a useful and creative tool. For you, maybe not. You just have to have a look at the available top apps in the app store to understand what people are using the iPad for. You don't like it and you don't get it, fine. But your not the only person in the world and sales of the iPad shows otherwise. I am happy with my new Ultrabook as it does what I need at the right price, but I am not going to hate Apple just for the point of hating.

        I don't hate Apple, I would be happy to buy any product from them that measured up to their competitors. The simple fact is that if you do any due diligence before purchasing you will always find a better option. e.g. A couple of years ago I decided to buy an iPod Touch, so I went to eBay and did a search on "mp3 player touchscreen" and came up with a couple of options that seemed to suit my needs for a much better price. So I did a bit more research and bought an 8Gb iRiver SPINN for roughly the price of an iPod Nano. Later I upgraded to a 64Gb ZuneHD, which cost less than a Touch and is much closer in size to the old Nano. It looks way cooler, too, and has great features no other player has. If I had just searched on eBay for "iPod", like everyone else obviously does, I'd be as ignorant of what else is out there as you are. And that's what I hate - ignorance.

          I have my ultra book that does everything I need at this point in time. I have a Lumia 900 for my phone. My friends on the other hand are in a different industry. They are musicians and artists. When they are on the go the only thing they have is their iPads and iPhones. Not because they love Apple, but because no one else offers a alternative. iOS is the only OS to offer low latency audio and Midi and the design/drawings apps they use are not available on any other mobile OS (also not available as a desktop option either). Although iOS has no purpose for both you and me it does for them, much more so then a full computer. My friends aren't stupid to pay more for Apple products just because they are Apple, it is because it is their only option.

            If you threw in "I live on a boat" then you've pretty much summed up MotorMouth.

      Apple's marketing strength is such that they could advertise the CURRENT iPad as being pocket friendly, and people would go out and buy new big-pocket pants.

      That being said, form-factor is generally one of Apple's better points, so I doubt they'd make release a pocket-intended device that wasn't a good fit for pockets.

      Yes MotorMouth, Apple are so stupid, I bet anyone that bought shares in them years ago are kicking themselves (although they could probably employ someone to kick them with there stacks of money), I'm sure whatever they do will result in massive sales and huge profits.

        As H.L. Mencken famously said, "no one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public". I'm sure if he had the opportunity to comment on Australia, his conclusion would be the same. What makes Apple worth investing in is exactly what should make consumers very wary. I bet you don't think its great that your bank makes billions and billions every year at your expense, yet you jump to the defence of a company who makes them look positively philanthropic. But you're right, I'm the guy with a perspective problem, don't you worry your pretty head about it any more.

          Invoking the legendary satirist Mencken? You'd want to have the quote 100% accurate, hmm?

          I'm not sure we can slaughter Apple for all these perceptions yet ignore the vast tranches of imitators madly thrashing in their wake.

          Case in point: Apple was on the frontline in removing DRM infestation from purchased music, but it doesn't seem to stop haters talking about purchased music being somehow "locked up" in people's iThings.
          Flip a coin, and you'll suddenly find a paucity of complainers about DRM in the thin movie offerings on Google Play.

          Meanwhile, we have twenty-odd contributions on why Apple's iPad Mini sucks. I didn't even know they'd announced one.

      Also do people actually carry around 7" tablets in their back pockets?

        That comment made me laugh also...

      The point is to release a lower cost option. Whether it fits in ones pocket or not is probably of great importance to Apple or Android tablet owners. It's a convinience maybe, but probably not a deal breaker for many.

    "The rumoured iPad mini would very probably definitely share the same 4:3 aspect ratio of the current iPad, which (among other reasons) would call for a 7.85-inch screen as opposed to the flat 7-inch screen..." ha? can't you still get a 7" diag having 4:3? mathematically challenged?

    Here we go again. MotorMouth hating Apple just for hating. Like you carry around your 7" tablet in your back pocket when you go our with friend, or for a run, etc. Get over your hate for Apple. Positive criticisms is good, hating is not.

      What exactly is positive criticism?

      Your mini tablet is too big to be carried in a pocket, but thats ok because it has an Apple logo on it so I forgive you..........?

      MotorMouths concerns are justified in my opinion

        MotorMouth is indicating that other tablets fit in your back pocket. I don't think so. I am not sure if you have seen any other of MotorMouth's post, but he has a hatred for Apple and especially iOS. Positive criticisms would be something like, "Apple should make a tablet that can fit in your back pocket, maybe they should consider 5" or something similar".

          I am 5'9", I wear standard bootcut Jeans West / Just Jeans jeans, and my 7" el Cheapo Android tablet fits comfortably into my front pocket, even when seated.

            If you buy your clothes from Jeans West, you aren't in Apple's demographic ;)

              Apple users only wear skinny leg jeans... so no el cheapo tablet will fit, not even a galaxy note

          "MotorMouth is indicating that other tablets fit in your back pocket. I don’t think so" - Perfectly valid statement, 7 inch tablets do fit in back pockets, I have had them in my back pocket before and I know plenty of people that do the same.

          "MotorMouth hating Apple just for hating" - And here you are hating on MotorMouth for the sake of hating it seems, get off your high horse.

          "he has a hatred for Apple and especially iOS" - there are quite a number of people who do not fancy Apple or IOS. Just because you seem to be sipping the fanboy juice doesn't mean everyone else is, everyone is entitled to their opinion.

          "Positive criticisms would be something like, “Apple should make a tablet that can fit in your back pocket" - You know this is pretty much just a PC way of saying what MotorMouth did. And we all know that political correctness on the internet is pointless

          Personal attacks on someone just because they have a different opinion to you are the reason the internet is the cesspool it is today

            I am not attacking MotorMouth. What high horse. At no stage have I indicated that I am better, or my opinion is better than anyone else's. It's not like I am defending the iPad Mini or Apple. Just curious why someone would have such a hatred for a technology company.

            How long have you been reading Giz? There are plenty here who aren't fans of Apple's business practices much like myself. I however, don't have an irrational dislike for the company and can acknowledge when they do things right.

            MotorMouth's crapping on anything non-MS is par-for-the-course at this point. Hell, I use a W7 on my primary machine but if a non-tech friendly person asked me what PMP to buy, I would not recommend a "8Gb iRiver SPINN" or Zune (a brand that is effectively dead).

          I have a Kindle - the original one with a little keyboard, which is about the size of a 7" tablet - and it fits in the back pocket of all my shorts and slacks (although I wouldn't sit down with it in one) and into the pockets of most of my jackets, too. I can happily carry it around all day without any kind of bag, just like my phone. Of course, since I got a smartphone and installed the Kindle app, I don't carry it any more (but exactly the same would be true of any tablet, because my phone can do everything any tablet can).

          I used to carry my Kindle in my back pocket every day until I got a phone with a Kindle app. As I said, you wouldn't want to sit down with it in your pocket but if I was sitting down, I was reading it, so there was no conflict.


        iPad = bag
        iPhone/iPod = Pocket.

        7" = ?

    Just got the people in the office to try and put the kindle fire and galaxy 7" in there jean pockets. Didn't fit in anyones. But the galaxy note just fit in both front and back pockets. Most people in our office are average weight and size.

      just fyi, don't bite with motormouth. he trolls every apple post. i have a 7 inch galaxy. it fits into your pocket in the same way as you can fit an orange in your pocket and you would look about as stupid.

    Galaxy 7.7 fits my back pocket.

    I dont think its sufficiently small enough. Not that pants sizes are a good way to measure portability but... i personally think its not small/different enough to matter most of the time. Youd want it to at least fit on either the inner pockets of most jackets/suits? Most hand/manbags? or even most loose fitting (not straight/skinny fit) pants? (that being said... i honestly dont think people should be pocketing 'tablets' it just seems a bit odd)

    How would that fit in one hand? I thought the whole point of a smaller tablet is to hold with one hand and read ebooks etc.

    I cant say for the jeans or trouser pockets, but the 7" tablet does fit quite nicely into the inside breast pocket of a suit jacket. I had my speech on the tab instead of having cards. It added a little extra weight but not enough to be irritating. Was quite snug in the pocket, anything larger just wouldn't have squeezed in.


    If they made a smaller tablet, why not go for the 7 inch market? If that picture is accurate, it's far too close to the normal iPad in size for the difference to be meaningful. It's hardly an iPod/iPod Nano or even Mini comparison here.

    Apple is still so 1980's with their 4:3 screens just like the OLD CRT tubes we all got rid of ages ago.

    Yeah buddy! Someone else noticed! That 16:9 ratio looked just right in portrait when I re-hung my HDTV at 90 degrees!

    My photos look awesome at something other than 5:4, you'll let Canon and Nikon know? And the theatres have woken up, tell them everything is going 16:9 now instead of 1.85:1. Or 5:3. Or 2.39:1. Everything they use can go, they can all ditch that stuff that lets them letterbox the various aspect ratios. Ditch it all rather than living in the 80s. So it matches a telly set.

    I can't believe we're still printing on A4 paper. Seems so unnaturally close to that 4:3 thing that A**le have enslaved us with. It'd better go as well, for the sake of progress.

    Let's go sort it out. The golden mean is 2500 years old, surprised it hasn't been put to death long ago.

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