RoboCop's Viral Teasers Show Drones, Attack Mechs

OmniCorp, the evil corporation at the centre of the RoboCop world has this week released a viral trailer for the franchise's reboot, advertising urban control drones and awesome mechs.

The reboot, scheduled for next year already has names like Gary Oldman, Samuel L Jackson and Hugh Laurie attached.

Stay tuned for next week when we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the first Robocop movie released to theatres.


    I'd buy THAT for a dollar! :)

    ed 209 lives!

    ED209 FTW!

    Where's the armoured 6000SUX??

      Still got the factory sticker on it!

    Any news on when we can expect a Prometheus remake? Surely it's time for a reboot?

    Awesome! They haven't screwed with any of the iconic design from the original. Here's hoping they can pull it off.

    Nearly threw-up in the first RoboCop when they shot him up before the rebuild - like 5 million times.
    I'm off to watch Wall.e again thanks

    Needs moar Vrhoeven :P

    Hoping for some oldskool Paul Verhoeven style sh*t :), then the moon would be wonderful today!

      I vote Laurie Holden for Agent Lewis!

    Bloody hell!! Samuel L Jackson is in every bloody movie. I hate his acting, mainly because he cant act and has only one mode: "Serious Samuel". He's ruined so many movies and remakes for me its not funny. Can Hollywood start looking for new talent please??????????????

    Oh God please do a job. It looks like Hollywood is already going to make a mess of TMNT and Total Recall... just to name a few!

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