RIM Has To Sell One Of Its Corporate Jets

For sale: One corporate jet. Previous owner selling due to lack of cash flow brought on by poor business decisions, a failure to innovate and a perpetually delayed operating system. Condition: slightly used, some stains from where board members have cried themselves to sleep.

The Dassault Aviation SA (DSY) F50EX is worth roughly $US5.8 million off the shelf and it sports enough room for 9 passengers.

You know that times are getting tough at a company when they have to sell all of the mice things they once owned just to keep the lights on. Hopefully BB10 launches some time before they go bust and they can perhaps buy it back. [Bloomberg]

In Other News...

Meanwhile, The Australian is reporting that the boss of RIM Australia, Ray Gillenwater, is leaving the company on Friday.

He's been in the job for all of five minutes, and now he's leaving to "pursue other opportunities". Matthew Ball is now back in the top job for the time being. It's a seat he's not unfamiliar with, as he looked after it three months ago in similar circumstances, when Adele Beachley also ran out on the company.

Poor RIM.



    Please proofread articles before posting them, this occurs more often than not these days.

      no no rim was actually selling mice to keep the lights on in the offices, a better alternative would have been to use those mice in spinning wheels to generate power

      but then i guess rim hasnt been the best at decision making lately.

        What does that have to do with the post you're replying to?

          i believe andrew was referring to this in the article if you didnt see it...

          "You know that times are getting tough at a company when they have to sell all of the mice"

            you know it's over when you have to start selling all of your mice.

    I'll start it off. $100 plus postage.

      And postage is always the real killer.

        I'm sure it could be delivered. What's the going rate on jet fuel these days?

          it costs $3400 usd an hour to run

            That's out of my budget. In that case, pay extra for the mice too and get them to power and fly that jet to me.

    At least you resisted making the quick about who is taking the RIM job.

      Well quipped, sir.

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