LG's New Remote Control Microwave Could Replace Half Your Appliances

Seemingly forgetting that 99 per cent of the time microwaves are used to reheat pizza, make popcorn or nuke a frozen dinner, LG has crammed more functionality into its Lightwave Oven than frozen dinner dinners will ever need.

In addition to heating a meal through the magic of microwaves, the MA922MBN also doubles as a compact convection oven, a grill, a dehydrator, a fermentor, and even a toaster, thanks to a halogen lighting system inside. It can also clean itself via a built-in steam system, and if that wasn't enough, LG has made all of this functionality controllable from your smartphone. So if you're engrossed in the Olympics on the couch or stuck at work, you can program, monitor and start the $US750 oven (available in Korea now, and hopefully globally soon) even if you're nowhere near it. That sounds pretty safe, right? [Newlaunches via WhoWired]


    You've still got to get off the couch and put something in it :-(

    Yeah but does it do the vacuuming? No? Sorry, not interested.

      Add laundry and ironing to that and I am sold

    Looking forward to repairing these... Not...

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