Pre-Order The iPhone 5 Now

Screw week-long line-ups, you can pre-order the iPhone 5 right now, provided you're happy to fork over money for the as yet unannounced handset to vendors in China.

Reuters reports that some sellers on Chinese e-commerce network Taobao are already offering pre-orders for the handset.

It'll reportedly set you back around 1000 yuan for the deposit on the iPhone 5, but you may end up paying the full amount of around 7000 yuan if you buy from some sellers.

The Chinese love Apple gadgets, and this frenzy around the iPhone 5 matches the hype for the new iPad when it went on sale in China a few months ago. The riot squad had to be called in at one stage when customers realised that there wouldn't be enough for everyone. The gadget giant halted sales at that time until they could organise something a little more civil.

The iPhone 5 hasn't even been announced yet, but already we have rumours from all over the internet that show us a slimmer chassis and bigger screen.

How far would you go to get the new iPhone? [Reuters via AFR]



    Preorder and risk another Telstra repeat of the epic fail "pre-order" they had for 4S? Thanks but no thanks. Walk into JB-Hifi next day again I think.

      Epic fail? I had mine delivered from Telstra by 10:30am on launch day.

    I'm sure true die-hard fans would go and work in the factory that makes them.... just to be the "first" to operate one.

      The factory where everyone keeps jumping? I don't think the sheeple are that desperate.

    They have nets there now. Problem fixed

    Only a fool would line up for an apple product. My preordered iPad 3 was at my doorstop 10am day of launch, while people had been waiting all night.

      Yeah - you tell them angry internet guy! You and your keyboard can't be stopped!

      Stupid people who go outside and socialize - while standing in line! What a bunch of fools! What will they do next? The HORRORS!

    i will never understand the people that will rush out to grab the newest iphone..

    Sure its got new hardware and software, but at the end of the day its going to always boil down to them using their every day apps which work just fine on their previous model.

    TL;DR: why pay $1000+ for the exact same thing?

      bro didnt you hear, the screen is bigger on this one..

      This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    I have preordered the last couple of iPhones but me and a few of my mates decided we would wait overnight for the next one, just a experience that were all pretty pumped for tbh. Pre order is the key to getting your gear on launch day as no fuss as possible

    pre-order and miss out on the excitement of lining up with fellow apple revolutionaries for hours if not days? you're on crazy pills!

    I lined up for the iPhone 4 release. I'd never done anything like that before, had a great time, met some like minded , interesting people, would definitely do it again.

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