Play Spot The New Product In This Tour Around Apple's Infinite Loop Campus

A new recruiting drive video made by Apple is giving us one of the best insights we've yet seen into the company's Infinite Loop campus.

9to5Mac uncovered the video which shows off everything from office corridors through to the company's prototyping labs.

Take a good look at the 53-second mark as well: is that a new, larger screened iPhone? Surely Apple's not that careless?

All I know is that I want to go to there. [9to5Mac]



    'One of the unique thing about Apple is the level of cross collaboration between groups.'

    'That's how new technology is done at Apple it involves everyone'

    Jobs was kicked out because he segregated Apple. When he came back he built his own team, the whole corporation. Implemented the indoctrination and made the company like a cult.

    There is nothing near or around the 53 second mark from what I can see..

      Its even tagged in the video (as a comment) around the 56-57sec mark. its an image pinned up on the wall. Just looks like a longer iPhone.

    I'll pull up the screenshot and expand it when I'm not mobile to show you what I saw. And don't you worry what I'm smoking Francis, it's excellent is all you need to know..


    Think he meant 43 seconds. Looks like an iPhone 3 to me!

    It's probably just a prop to stir discussion, like all products before it. Hype and gossip does more than marketing itself. You've just done exactly what they wanted, to speculate and talk.

    I kind of glazed over way before 53sec...

      I'm not sure Apple really cares what's said about it anymore. Apple certainly cares about what's done to it though. Steve Jobs had some interesting things to say about the difference between what is said about the company and what is done to the company at the D conference in 2011 (I think). Podcast is on iTunes if you're curious.

    Who are they trying to fool? I can't wait to see some parodies of this.

    Sorry, I can just see a teeny-tiny (blurry) picture of an iPhone looking blob on a wall way off in the distance.

    Hardly evidence of a larger iPhone.

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