Pentax K-30: Treating It Mean Keeps It Keen

Pentax K-30: Treating It Mean Keeps It Keen

Pentax has this week announced the K-30 — a mid-market interchangeable lens DSLR designed for beginners who are looking to throw a nice-looking piece of kit at the great outdoors and be rewarded with decent photos rather than a replacement bill.

Pentax is describing the blue-, white- or black-bodied K-30 as a “sporty” outdoor camera that can get some dirt on it and survive. It features 81 different seals to keep out the elements while withstanding tough conditions once the mercury heads south. Pentax claims that it will even keep snapping away when the temperature has dropped to -10 degrees celcius. Brr!

The K-30 is a 16-megapixel shooter that can also capture HD video at 30 frames per second and, like most new DSLRs tend to these days, features a Live View mode that will let you see what a shot will turn out like before you let fly the shutter. There’s a 3-inch screen on the back and a slew of advanced, filtered and assisted shooting modes to help you out.

What’s more interesting than that though is the fact that it has of interchangeable power options. You’ll be able to use the standard rechargeable lithium-ion battery that most cameras come with, but you’ll also be able to throw four AA-size batteries into the unit instead of the proprietary battery in a pinch. You’ll still need the proprietary battery holder, but it’s nice to think that you can get batteries when you’re in a powerless pickle out and about.

The Pentax K-30 will set you back $899 and includes the 18-55mm lens.