Parents, Lovers And Stalkers Will Love This GPS Phone Watch

Here's something every crazy person who has stalkerish tendencies can buy their loved ones: a GPS tracking watch that tells you exactly where the watch is at any moment. You'll know exactly where he or she is whenever you want. It's LoJack for people.

The watch can also act as an electronic leash; if the watch moves more than three metres away from a paired phone, you'll get a text message alerting you. Even better, the watch can be programmed to notify you when the watch-wearer enters or leaves a certain area. I can see the lightbulbs going off in the heads of parents across the world already, "You mean, I'll actually know where my little miss Sally is going at night?"

The ruse to sell your kids, your girlfriend or your crush on this creepy watch is that the watch also has phone capabilities (hopefully they won't notice those peering eyes on the face of the watch). Yeah, you see the numbers around the ring of the bezel? That isn't for time, it's actually a dial to make phone calls. The watch can connect to Bluetooth, be programmed with four quick favourites, send SOS calls and bar certain phone numbers. It's basically the electronic handcuff parents have dreamed of. $US80. [Chinavasion via Red Ferret]

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