Pandora Quietly Re-Opens For Australians

Like a thief in the night, online radio service Pandora quietly re-opened its doors to Australians some time in the last week, bringing with it local-ish pricing.

Gadget Guy's Leigh Stark pointed out last week that the service had snuck back into Australia's now heavily populated online music market.

Pandora's point of difference is music curation by the numbers. It analyses what you give your up votes and down votes to before recommending other tracks based on that information.

Pricing at the moment looks to mirror US pricing: $3.99 for a one-month subscription and $36 for a one-year subscription.

Pandora will have to stand head and shoulders above an already noisy field of competitors that includes Spotify, Rdio, MOG and JB Hi-Fi NOW. [Gadget Guy]



    Back in the day it used to be free...

      It still is.

        Thanks! I read about subscriptions and didn't even bother to check it out.

        Good to see that my profile is still there and so are the stations that I created 5+ years ago.

      I'm streaming it free via my phone right now.

      From memory a free account only gives you something like 3 song skips per hour, but last time I read the details was years ago before it was all blocked.

    This totally made my day!!!!!!!!! So happy

    Was using this on the iphone via VPN to the states...

    Is there an iOS app for this in AUS?

      I first saw this mentioned on WP last week and while the web interface is working, it doesn't appear as if the iOS or Android apps have made it to the local market yet.

    Just tried it via the iOS pandora app. I was previously using it with VPN to the US. Yep it's working just fine without VPN. Guessing it will appear on Aus App Store soon...?

    Audio quality for the unsubscribed (free) user is shockingly bad - I can't listen to more than 1 minute without it becoming unbearable.

    just got kicked out, i think it's locked again

    In its hiatus, I went to iTunes Match. It's not perfect, but I'm not about to pay for two music subscription services..

    You just made my day. I’ve been waiting for Pandora to come back for years! I just logged in and, surprise surprise, all my old stations from 5+ years ago are still there! Only problem is I don’t have the iPhone app anymore. I got it a couple of years ago using my US iTunes account, but it didn’t work at the time because it was geo-blocked. I never deleted it from my Mac, but I just ran a search for it and it’s not in my library anymore. I definitely didn’t delete it, because I put it back on my iPhone every so often to see if the geo-block has been lifted. I’m wondering did Apple remove all my US iTunes apps when I signed up for iTunes match??? Has anyone else had a similar experience? Very weird, and very very disappointing! Glad I can listen online again though.

    good to see Pandora here, i emailed them re the Android app being Geo-blocked, they said they are working on it.

    Great to hear more and more streaming services are coming to Australia... finally! I have been testing out MOG, Spotfy and Pandora lately. All are quite good. However I'll stick to my Rdio subscription for the time being...

    I am using Pandora through my recently purchased Oppo BDP93NXE. It is free through that. I do have one question, though. Does anyone know the bit and sampling rate that Pandora uses through the Oppo?

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