Pandora Quietly Re-Opens For Australians

Pandora Quietly Re-Opens For Australians

Like a thief in the night, online radio service Pandora quietly re-opened its doors to Australians some time in the last week, bringing with it local-ish pricing.

Gadget Guy‘s Leigh Stark pointed out last week that the service had snuck back into Australia’s now heavily populated online music market.

Pandora’s point of difference is music curation by the numbers. It analyses what you give your up votes and down votes to before recommending other tracks based on that information.

Pricing at the moment looks to mirror US pricing: $3.99 for a one-month subscription and $36 for a one-year subscription.

Pandora will have to stand head and shoulders above an already noisy field of competitors that includes Spotify, Rdio, MOG and JB Hi-Fi NOW. [Gadget Guy]