New iPad Apps: Over, Polymer And More

This week's best iPad apps bring a couple of fun, whimsical titles. Whether it's a puzzle game or a way to teach kids to count, there's good stuff coming your way.

Little Digits: Kids want to touch everything, and with this app not only is that OK, it's encouraged. It teaches children to count by sensing how many fingers are on the screen and presenting the correlating number as an adorably animated monster. $1.99

Over: A picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes you want to add some literal text to your photos. This one offers a bunch of different fonts for you to choose from to place captions and messages over all your snapshots, and then lets you share them with your social networks. $1.99

Polymer: Stretch your brain muscle a little bit this weekend. Polymer is a smart puzzle app that's a little bit lego, a little bit rubix cube, that offers tons of different shape creating games of varying levels of difficulty. $1.99

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