OS X Mountain Lion Set For Release This Week?

Ready your MacBooks and iMacs, Apple fans. A new report points to the fact that the newest version of OS X, known as Mountain Lion, may hit the Mac App Store some time this week.

9to5Mac is reporting that Mountain Lion has this week been seeded to AppleCare reps for use on their main computers. This is significant because, as 9to5 points out, the last generation of OS X, Lion, was seeded to AppleCare reps two days before it went out to the general public.

Add to that the fact that the Gold Master of Mountain Lion has already seeded to developers and it looks almost certain that we'll get it this week or next.

Do you think we'll see Mountain Lion this week? [9to5Mac]



    Considering there are only 9 days left this month I'd have to agree, the chances of release this week are significant.

    I'd say so. I spent my entire life on Windows before switching to OS X 8 months ago. Enjoying it so far but Windows 8 and Metro are getting me excited. I'm such an OS slut lol.

      Well I have OS on my balls :)

    Finally, I've been running the various beta releases of mountain lion from day one because lion never actually worked properly from day one. Mountain lion first beta was much stabler for me. Still the actually difference between lion and mountain lion is nothing special in terms of features. Apple needs to innovate

    Well Apple said it would be out in July, so this week seems like a pretty safe bet.

    Australians will get it on the 25 July. Just called apple US and that was their answer.

      Shut up with your facts and actual research.

        He is 50 cents and call some that cares.


    Why are we only readying iMacs and MacBooks? What about Mac Pro's :( always forgotten

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