They're Making The Galaxy Note Bigger?

You already thought Samsung's Galaxy Note was too big, right? Suitable only for use by elephants? Well rumour has it that the plan is to make it even bigger.

Currently the Note features a mere 5.3 inches of screen on the diagonal. According to MK Business that is not enough for Samsung. Instead, MK Business suggests that the company is planning to launch an update, called the Note II, in October with a 5.5-inch screen. They also suggest that it might feature a quad-core processor and 12-megapixel camera.

Of course, the rumour might be complete nonsense — and here's hoping it is — but if it's not, then get your hands limbered up for some extreme stretching. [MK Business via Phandroid via Verge]

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    This phone is like a big handbag to me.

    If it is a decent 12 mega pixel camera and with that screen size, yes please :)

    I love my Galaxy Notes, I have white & black you see.
    And I will definitely be getting the slightly bigger model when it comes out because everytime I see anything smaller I laugh at how ridiculously small and unreadable the screen is when compared to my Notes. Hooray for Notes Woo!

      why do you have 2?

        One for work and one for porn.

          Pretty sure S-AMOLED pentile is incompatible with porn. You need S-AMOLED plus to render boobies correctly.

    Stupid NotePad

    I cant understand who would want a phone that size. Friend has one and has trouble fitting it in his pocket, looks like a goose when he talking on it and now a possiblity of making it bigger ??

      People over 6 foot and with big hands want this phone. Does that help you understand?

        Chicks who carry handbags are a good fit... not for me personally but some friends have notes.

      It's not just a phone though. Samsung is pitching these things as a kind of phone/tablet hybrid, hence the size.

      It's possible to increase the screen size by .2 inches without really changing the size of the device itself too.

      Your friend must be incredibly small and wear increasingly small pants. I am pushing 5'5" and have never had any dramas fitting it in pants. No one has actually commented about the size of it when they have seen my talking on it, only when I am playing with it.

        Are you still talking about the phone??

          Ahahahaha can't stop laughing

      You realise that half the population (aka girls) use purses right? Very few use pockets for phones and I know a few who already use the Note despite the dainty hands.

    I dont know why people have to always brag about the screen size. If you want something smaller, buy your dumb iPhone and be happy. Not every product out there was made only for you.

      Maybe you should have read this incredibly patronising and pretentious article from the American site that the Aussie editors thankfully kept most of us from seeing (not that it didn't show up in the RSS feed). In as many words, it discounts all the people who might want Notes, calls them confused or stupid and how they're just... wrong.

    I ditched my iPad from the journey to work once I got the note. The Note has made me realise that size does matter. The screen quality is outstanding. Your iPhones are mere toys.

    I used to have an iPhone, but then got an S2 and declared i would never go back to the pokey little screen, then i got a Note as my back-up phone, which is now my full-time phone because i will never go back to the pokey little screen of the S2.

    The article I saw for the bigger note also mentioned it would have a smaller bezel, thus making the overall size of the handset no bigger than the current note, while increasing the viewable screen.

    so, technically, no, they are not making the note bigger. they are just making the screen:plastic ratio better.

      edge to edge (to edge to edge... ie just a screen, like the fancy new tellys) screen would be amazing!
      and Android is compatible with that concept, with soft-buttons.

    It has to be that big as it needs a big ass battery to power the POS software. Enjoy your hand cramps.......

      This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    I have a 37" Samsung TV. Do you think I can get a sim card in it? That would look great clipped to my belt..... :/

    "that it might feature a quad-core processor"
    Aren't we all expecting it to have a quad core processor, after the recent release of the SGS3 with the quad core Exynos?

    Bring back side talking.

    Needs to be bigger.

    And make it in a clamshell form factor so the footprint isn't so big.

    Then have half of it a screen, and the other half a physical keyboard so sending messages/using apps is easier.

    Too big?? Ummm... isn't that the idea?

    I was in Hong Kong a few weeks ago, and I swear, every fourth or fifth person seemed to have a Galaxy Note. Almost exclusively it was women, pulling them out of their handbags. The question of whether the Note fits into someone's pocket seems to miss the point of the device.

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