Of Course The Worst "Call Me Maybe" Parody Comes From Zuck's Sister

Presenting "Fund Me Maybe," the worst "Call Me Maybe" parody yet to hit the interwebs. It's about venture capital and Silicon Valley and love, maybe? Anyways. It's horrible, and the band performing it (Feedbomb, because of course that's what they'd call themselves) is fronted by Mark Zuckerberg's sister, Randi.

If you're not sure you can sit through all of this without clawing out your eye holes, I offer you, as an alternative, the single best "Call Me Maybe" parody as antidote. It is, obviously, by Cookie Monster.

I'm sorry, and you're welcome, and I'm sorry. [Mashable]


    Nope. Sorry, but that was pretty good, certainly miles better than the mind-numbingly pathetic original. Even the music sounded better performed like like that.
    I'm shocked that this lady can actually sing.
    Admittedly though, the original lyrics are terrible and the original singer sounds like a pre- teen singing for a bad school musical so it's not hard for anyone to improve on, anyone at all, but this is actually above the pack.

      yeah she's got a pretty good voice :) even with the bad sound on the video I liked it.

      Only thing she did wrong was letting the guy in the crowd sing :p

      But how can you not love Cookie Monster?!!!?!?!!

    Jesus Christ, I know that siblings should naturally look alike but she looks like Mark Zuckerberg wearing a wig.

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