Not Even The Dark Knight Would Use This Insanely Dangerous Knife

Batman is best known for his wonderful arsenal of gadgets and weapons, but even with a suit of bulletproof body armour the caped crusader probably still wouldn't touch this scary-looking knife with a ten-foot batpole.

Designed by Tom Anderson, the Interceptor looks like its creator started with a standard set of 'brass' knuckles but then went completely overboard with a series of fang-like blades. It's probably pretty effective at injuring an attacker, but from the looks of it, the person brandishing the blade might walk away with just as many cuts and abrasions.

And where the hell are you supposed to safely carry this thing? Note: Informational purposes only people. You'll very likely get in trouble if you tried to bring this into Australia. So don't.


    Why even do an article on this thing? What with the wave of violence that seems to be gripping the world, do we really need to show the idiots that shit like this even exists?

      Mate, idiots have an uncanny ability to get their hands on stuff regardless of if it is advertised or not.

      Besides, this is an amazingly poor design for a combat weapon as the center of gravity is towards the middle of the device rather then at the hilt (as per normal combat knives). This means that the user can lose control of the direction of the blade very easily, and without a wrist brace could easily brake their fingers.

        advertising works.
        these articles make me cringe, especially when i tell people about how much i enjoy giz.

          Aw grow up mate. If you think this will increase the crime rate you're completely out of touch. No one is going to attack someone because they like the look of a weapon.

        Without those centre prongs, it might actually be not too bad!

      Oh! Something "scary looking" Better ban it before it makes you wet your pants!

    Not the point! It's a simble, and It's still a dangerous item, even if it will snap the fingers of the moron using it. Toy or simble of stupidity it would be better not to show it off like a toy.

      Did you mean symbol?

    Actually, our weapons legisilation does not list "Scary looking" as a reason to prohibit weapons. This thing has a design so bizzaro that it might not actually fit into any prohibited category. However, it's better to be on the safe side given the penalies involved. Fill out a "B709B Form – Importation of Weapons – Police Confirmation." and you're good to go. Try not to cut yourself.

    if its being marketed as a knife, you wont be able to carry one in oz.

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