Not A Single Australian Telco Is Testing Jelly Bean Yet

Google I/O brought us many goodies. One of those was a sneak peek at Android 4.1, codenamed Jelly Bean. As with every Google conference, we rubbed our hands together for when we'd have it on our local handsets, but as of right now, not a single telco is testing it in Australia.

We contacted Telstra, Optus and Vodafone last Friday, and all of them told us that manufacturers had not yet sent over a copy of Android 4.1.1 for testing on their networks. We could be waiting for a while.

Some of our readers have got in touch to tell us that they've been upgraded to Jelly Bean over the air on their Galaxy Nexus devices, but the rest of us are still left in the lurch for when we'll be getting our sweet Android treats.

We'll keep you updated.

Have you got Jelly Bean already?



    This is why I bought mine outright from Kogan. I'm fed up with carriers and their nonsense. Each update took Optus over 5 months from time of release. Plus it's actually cheaper to buy outright and go on a BYO plan

      Same. Carriers are either intentionally delaying releases or just incompetent; the effect on the consumer is the same.
      There clear benefits to buying a phone outright compared to being locked into a contract now.

        I like how you read the article.

        The carriers have said that they haven't been given the copy to test in their networks.

        So no, they aren't intentionally delaying the release or incompetent. They just don't have the spare resources that you clearly have to test on their network.

          Funny how Cyanogenmod is already showing off pics of Jelly Bean on various hardware. I'm sure nobody gave them anything - other than all that public, open source code, naturally.

          Then there's the OTA update patch for various flavours of GNex, available from Google's servers. But I guess applying that to the ROMs they already have is out of the question.

          That excuse might wash for the Galaxy S III, but not for a Nexus. Everything they need is publicly available from Google already. And if they hadn't added their own unwanted crapware, it wouldn't need "special testing" at all.

            Yea, I'm sure the Telco's really want to risk ACMA fines by allowing untested google updates on their network.

            The fines for having phones that don't meet Australian standards for calling emergency are massive.

              Kogan, Mobicity, and all the other Australian importers don't seem to have a problem. Perhaps international certifications are being done by Google and/or Samsung.

              The vast majority of that network level is handled by the baseband radio firmware, which I'm sure is carefully checked and not changed lightly - unrelated to Jelly Bean at least. The emergency calling UI + mechanism would already be thoroughly tested (for 112 at least, and doubtless local equivalents for most countries have been built into Android since the beginning).

              It took me 30 minutes to download the os, OEM unlock my phone, flash the firmware and test the phone.

          Because they are totally incapable of getting a copy of it themselves.

            What would be the point of testing software only to receive another version from the manufacturer and then having to start diligent testing from the beginning. It makes no sense

              a) What makes you so sure Samsung would be giving them a different version, and
              b) Why do you think they'd have to test everything all over again? The whole point of the Nexus is that it's pure Jelly Bean. The *only* difference between e.g. takju and yakju flavours is that takju has a single app added. If you've tested one, you've tested the other, with the possible exception of one app.
              c) The only testing that our telcos might need to do is to their own added apps, to be sure they work fine on 4.1.1 And if/when they do, they will work just as well on the (identical) 4.1.1 that Samsung might eventually give them.

          Yes the carriers haven't been given a copy yet, but once they are, they'll likely sit on their hands for ages anyway.

          It took far, far, FAR too long for Telstra to release their ICS ROM for their Galaxy S II - arguably the highest-selling Android phone at the time. That was only a month or two ago!

    Mine updated last night but I changed mine to Yakju when I bought it so my updates are pushed out via google not my telco

    Brother in law owns a nexus which he bought outright also. Already has Jellybean running on it, runs freakin awesome. Keen to get it for my GS3 when it's available.

    I bought mine from kogan, but it still hasn't updated?

      updates dont come to all at once they trickle out so i wouldnt be worried it should come through you can sometimes make it turn up by clearing the app data of the "google services" app and restarting and making the phone check for updates but thats not a guaranteed method

    I only received 4.04 on my Virgin yakjuxw Nexus last week and decided I couldn't put up with the wait again for JB so flashed the Takju IO build over the weekend and it immediately updated me to 4.1.1.

    Have to say it's fantastic so far other than a few problematic apps.

    got the OTA 2 days ago after flashing CWM as soon as I could. Like castor oil through a duck!

    Jelly Bean? I'm still waiting for Australian Telcos to release ICS on the Galaxy Note! Most of the rest of the world has it already.

      Grum you took the words out of my mouth. I will add that Samsung Australia has not even release ICS updatd for the generic Galaxy Note GT-N7000 australian version unlocked. So ig is not only the Australian Telcos but Samsung Australia itself. Jelly Bean is a dream for us in Australia. We are still waiting for ICS.

    such a ridiculous setup, sure it sort of fair enough that carriers wait for manufacturers to send through device specific builds as that would reduce the bugs per device significantly but once they have the update it should be a very quick process to test the build on their network and push it out but for some reason this process takes forever and if the telco' s(optus's customer forum representatives) are to be believed the carriers require major help from the manufacturers and send builds back and forth before they get the ok :S

    and this doesnt even bring into focus the nexus device situation, the galaxy nexus update is out for none carrier specific devices, the code is on AOSP, the manufacturer most certainly has its builds and yet our carriers cant even give us a date for its release worse yet they are just sitting back saying "oh its samsungs fault" ridiculous

    androids update and version craziness is one of its biggest let downs atm (and im a massive android fan so this isnt apple fanboyism) but australian carriers (and gloabl) ones arent helping with there hap hazard lazy approach

    carriers need to be proactive, demand builds from manufacturers or skip that and download AOSP code for initial testing or something and then be dam transparent about that have a page on their sites that tells you exactly what is in the works, how long it will take and how long a certain device will be supported and then update that page daily and stick to what it says, android and the carriers sales will benefit from this greatly

    Jelly Bean has made my often clunky GNex so much more streamlined. While the actual features added to the update aren't all that great, the speed increase is enough to jump straight in. I just can't wait for Google Now to become more supported in Aus

    Apart from the Nexus line JB likely hasn't even been ported over to other handsets yet. Not much carriers can do about that.

    I got a GNex from Telstra, was stuck on 4.0.1 since the day that I purchased it (Dec-11), Telstra has no interest in updating their devices at all it seems, at least Vodafone managed to push out a 4.0.4 update (late, yes, but better than nothing)

    Got fed up with the BS and flashed mine to a yakju, immediately got the 4.0.2 update, then the 4.0.4, followed by the 4.1.1, all done completely OTA without any hackery required, and all in the space of 20 minutes. Anyone with a telco version of GNex, highly recommend that you flash it to a yakju and get the OTA straight from Google, bypassing all the carrier BS. And the best part? No need to hack your phone, no messing about with bootloader or custom recovery.

      care to share how you flashed to yakju without bootloader or custom recovery modding?

        I followed this, very straight forward. The file used comes from Samsung Germany, and is meant to be a way to return to stock if required.

          Give JB a try, I thought ICS was fast compared to GB, but JB really takes it to new level in responsiveness, it really is buttery smooth ;)

      Hi, I have a Gnex on Optus and was just wondering how u went about flashing ur rom to stock. If u had a link or something would be a great help I am desperate for jelly bean

    How did you flash it?

    I got updated to 4.0.1 last week on the s3 but no jellybean as of yet. I don't understand why the telcos need to test it before it rolls out. iOS is never tested by the telcos first. The Telcos here are just so backwards.

      there is legitimate testing to be done, to make sure the radios and such operate within spec on the carriers network amongst other things the problem is this should, in a proper test environment take a few days tops not the months it currently takes out carriers to get round to it, plus theres usually bloatware to add and test which is another cause of the delay

      also iOs is most definitely tested its just that its one single device from a single source that they can get months before hand to test

        I'm now on my second version of JB (started with dev pre-release) and I'm still running the same radio firmware that came with my GNex. Testing radios isn't a valid reason.

    WTF!? I just got ICS! lol f*ck you telstra!

    I bought my Moto Razr from Kogan, and despite Motorola having released the ICS upgrade for this handset, I'm still stitting on ver 2.3.5 and unable to update, so I'm not holding out for JB anytime in the distant future.

    Bought mine from Kogan, flashed yakju firmware immediately (stock Google), got JB update a few days after release, immediately after clearing "Google Services Framework" app data

    I'm already running Jelly Bean. I got my nexus with Telstra, the first thing I did was flash a stock ICS ROM to it. Now I get updates pushed from Google. I got Jelly Bean on Saturday morning, I woke up and my phone was asking if I wanted to install it.

    god i hate the Australian telecommunications industry

    yeh I buy all my phones grey for this reson . just got a gs3 from kogan . and will flash cm10 when it's ready or a stock jb rom.

    Wow... I was thinking of jumping ship from iPhone , but reading all this has turned me off- updates should just happen automatically .. The fact telcos are involved is just plain sad.. Should be like iOS and come straight from the source !

    Carriers' highest priority is locking as many people as they possibly can on 2 years contracts. Everything else, please DIY.

    we don't buy computers expecting m$ or Mac to upgrade the os regularly and free, all the manufactures produce multi devices almost weekly. I don't see how they could keep allmodels uptodate.

    I have given up on carriers to update my phone. If you have an android phone root it and install a good custom rom (cyanogenmod or MIUI) then you will always be up to date. I know you may loose your warranty but the good far out weighs the bad in my opinion.

    Cyanogenmod also continues to release updates for a lot of phones that aren't supported by their carriers anymore.

    How true is this?
    Vodafone AUS said it will be in 2 weeks (it hopes)

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