Nokia's Crazy 808 PureView Phone Makes Its Way To The US

Nokia's 808 PureView is a strange little phone with it's cooky 41MP camera. But if you love a little crazy, then good news: after much delay the PureView is now available on America's shores via Amazon.

It should have been available mid-June, but Amazon has finally got off-contract 808 PureViews in stock. The handset will cost you $US700.

So, if you have a yearning to own a phone that is more camera than phone, now's your time. Or, wait until they streamline the technology a little and slip it into a Lumia. [Amazon via PhoneArena via The Verge]


    41MP on a mobile that is crazy

    Do you know what else is crazy? Spending $700 on a phone running software that's already zombie-fied.

    If you look at it purely as a camera, then it actually is pretty decent given it has a lot of connectivity options which beat other cameras hands down.

      Is it really though? If the OS works on the phone well enough, does all you want it to and has enough apps to get buy on, then who cares if its not going to get some ridiculous incremental update in 18 moths time that for some reason gets hailed as the second coming of christ (Windows 8, Android Jellybeen, IOS6).
      There's a lot of nerdy spooge sprayed around over that sort of stuff, but in the reality of the phone in your hand it doesn't come to much, seeing as spec wise all current phones are already outclassed by the newer models designed to run the updated OSs anyway by the time they finally come out. And apps, apps, apps- most normal people probably only ever use 0.000001% of the apps available in any systems app-stores.

      Anyway, that camera looks interesting.

        Its definitely the best "camera with a phone on it" out there. Check out of some of the stunning original stills it takes. The Verge have a good gallery up. It's the over-sampled 5 mega-pixel shots that are mind blowing as opposed to the 41mp stills it can also take. In the over-sampled shots at 100x zoom, there is no noise whatsoever, while retaining amazing detail and colours. I think there's an option for lossless zoom mode up to 2x as well, which is the first real workaround to lack of optical zoom I've seen on a smartphone.

        Symbian is both horrible and a dead OS though. There's no getting around that. However it's already been confirmed that Nokia will be bringing PureView technology in some form to its WindowsPhone 8 handsets, so it I'm very interested to see what they've got on the way.

    My Kodak takes a 10mp still and its a 2meg JPG . As this uses 41mp does this mean the size of the JPG is 8-10 meg??

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